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I started an Etsy shop and here’s why

Last weekend I started an Etsy shop - Just A Fangirl, Inc. - after buying a Cricut cutting tool the weekend before. I had been looking at Cricuts since the lockdown happened last year. But I kept putting it off because I knew if I started going back to the office to...
Coping with #Coronavirus with @BackstreetBoys

Coping with #Coronavirus with @BackstreetBoys

Is anyone at this point thinking, “Hey COVID -19, Quit Play Games with My Heart,”? I know many people would rather be home thinking let’s have a party but we need to stay home and just Roll with It for now and protect our DNA.

As a mental health counselor and fellow BSB fangirl, I know everything that is going on is likely to cause additional stressors with your life,  your families, and your friends.

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