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Welcome to BSBFangirls.com – a place where adult Backstreet Boys fangirls have a safe place to fangirl about anything they like – especially the Backstreet Boys. Here you can find blog posts by me, Karah, and my fellow fangirl friends.

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Backstreet Boys have announced the new rescheduled dates for the postponed North American leg of the DNA World Tour. The 2021 tour will start on June 7th and end on September 21st. For more information on the rescheduled dates visit BackstreetBoys.com! BSB even made a video announcing the new dates. Check it out on their […]

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iHeartRadio has announced “Summer Camp With The Stars” a four week series featuring music artists hosting family-friendly activities. The series kicks off July 3rd with a dance class by AJ McLean and his daughter Ava. You can stream the class over on the iHeartRadio Facebook page at 5pm ET on July 3rd. AJ recently spoke […]

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Nine years ago today, a new era began – NKOTBSB – at least on stage around North America and then the next year in Europe and Australia. On May 25, 2011, NKOTBSB performed and opened the tour in Chicago to a sold-out crowd. No one really knew how this tour was going to work, but […]

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Picture it … 2020 … Quarantine … you tell one of your best friends you want to see Nick Carter perform in the back of his truck in a cowboy hat and guitar. 

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With 27 years in the music business, the Backstreet Boys have toured the majority of those years on their own headlining tours. 

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Remember obsessing over seeing the boys in the teen magazines back in the day? Then, a few pages later, you’d hit the infamous quizzes asking, “Which one are you!?” Well, we’re taking a page from those nostalgic magazines today and we’re not only delivering you some “results” that might show you how you felt after […]

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So it finally happened last night. BSB officially postponed the DNA tour until next year in a short video with AJ and Brian. Now what??? I know how you are feeling… you have MIXED EMOTIONS…at least I know I do…

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Could Backstreet Boys have something up their sleeve soon? According to Nick Carter, they just might!

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Hello everyone! I’m Emilia and I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself to the BSBFangirls visitors.

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