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In a year when all things Backstreet have come to a halt, many things AJ have now been ramping up. There is a lot of talk recently about AJ McLean and his new song, “Love Song Love.”

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Picture it, 2014, New York City and Georgia. A girl was woken up by a text in the middle of the night asking if she wanted to be on Good Morning America with Nick Carter and Jordan Knight. No idea why, but she agreed. A few hours later she gets a message from the Huffington […]

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As we all know Backstreet Boys have announced plans to record a Christmas album. Well, it looks like the guys will begin recording the album in May. In a recent interview with Variety, for the release of AJ’s new song “Love Song Love”, AJ shared some details of the upcoming Christmas album as well. The […]

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he Backstreet Boys have officially been around for 28 years! For some, that might seem hard to believe. With so many new fans joining the fandom, the boys as a group are older than a whole host of their fans.

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Co-Written with Melissa It has been over a year since we have been forced into a COVID bubble, unable to visit with friends and family the way we used to do.  This year of isolation has given us time to reflect on a lot, including how we can be “together” while maintaining our social distance.  For many […]

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First off, I’m starting this post off with a late “Happy Easter.” I hope everybody had an amazing holiday. Someone asked me in a DM the other day if I was giving up The answer would be a big “HELL NO.” Things are slow in BSB land right now. Did they ever start on […]

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Last weekend I started an Etsy shop – Just A Fangirl, Inc. – after buying a Cricut cutting tool the weekend before. I had been looking at Cricuts since the lockdown happened last year. But I kept putting it off because I knew if I started going back to the office to work, I wouldn’t […]

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It’s almost hard to believe that the Backstreet Boys are coming up on 28 years together. I can still remember when I first discovered them back in 1997, and my first BSB concert just following that.

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I was born in 1998. “Backstreet’s Back” wasn’t even one-year-old yet and “Millennium” would come out exactly one year later.

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