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Welcome to BSBFangirls.com – a place where adult Backstreet Boys fangirls have a safe place to fangirl about anything they like – especially the Backstreet Boys. Here you can find blog posts by me, Karah, and my fellow fangirl friends.

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Writing has always been something that I enjoyed doing to help keep my mind off things. I first began writing years ago when I got into BSB fan fiction. It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. I never thought of myself as a good writer, but that was my first experience. So, your first […]

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June 30, 1997 – I was 23 years old (soon to be 24 on July 2, 1997) and in love with a boyband. Well… to be totally honest I was only in love with Brian Littrell and the Backstreet Boys released a brand new song internationally. That means one thing.

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A few months after dropping a YouTube cover of Rihanna’s Love on the Brain, AJ has finally dropped streaming/purchasing options across multiple platforms so that we can bask in the glory that is his voice when and how we want. Glory be to the music gods!

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iHeartRadio has announced “Summer Camp With The Stars” a four-week series featuring music artists hosting family-friendly activities. The series kicks off July 3rd with a dance class by AJ McLean and his daughter Ava. You can stream the class over on the iHeartRadio Facebook page at 5pm ET on July 3rd. AJ recently spoke with […]

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Because we all need more Backstreet Boys goodies right now, Rich + Tone, the men behind the boys’ moves for years and directed the music video for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” are giving us a look behind the scenes of the DNA World Tour. 

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Let’s be real – did we ever think we would see the day that Nick Carter’s favorite name to go by besides Backstreet Boy is Daddy? Sure, some of us thought the day would eventually arrive, and the rest of us may think it’s the best version of the father of two.  Some of Nick’s […]

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Ready for us to ruin a few Backstreet Boys songs for you!? Just kidding, we won’t, we promise! Instead, maybe this will get you listening just a little closer to the words you already know + love and relate them to 2020. Because, let’s face it — we could all use yet another reason to […]

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Man, Nick Carter just keeps giving us good content to post about while on this coronavacation!

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Twenty years ago today, true love came together as one in marriage and that was the marriage of Kevin and Kristin Richardson. 

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