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Welcome to – a place where adult Backstreet Boys fangirls have a safe place to fangirl about anything they like – especially the Backstreet Boys. Here you can find blog posts by me, Karah, and my fellow fangirl friends.

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The other day I was discussing with friends the promotional soda cans that had the Backstreet Boys faces on them and how I thought they were cool! I had seen them on eBay recently and would love to have them, but I wasn’t willing to pay tons to ship them from Germany. (These were a […]

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A lot of people don’t think about what kind of fangirl they are – they just are one.

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After scrapping many drafts for BSBFangirls in the last few months, AJ’s tweet on Harry Styles sporting a feminine Gucci dress on the cover of Vogue magazine is what motivated me to write the following. 

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Nick Carter is getting back in the studio and he’s taking us along for the ride.

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Back with another episode of The Fangirl Diaries! This week we talk about AJ leaving “Dancing WIth The Stars,” “The Masked Singer,” ….

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I became a Backstreet Boys fan more than halfway through the “Backstreet Boys” album cycle in 1998. That means that “Millennium” was the first album release from the Backstreet Boys that I got to experience. It was like something I had never experienced before.

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Updated 11/18/20 @ 9 p.m. – The Pink Crocodile is SAFE and moves on to the Final Six! We’ve added the clues, clue video and the performance! Yes, you read that right. Twitter blew up Wednesday night when Fox’s show “The Masked Singer” came on and one crocodile started singing Bon Jovi. And I personally […]

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A fangirl can be your typical teenager who buys teenybopper magazines for posters of BTS. A fangirl can be your college student who still loves that band that won her heart when she was a little girl. A fangirl can be an adult with a job and life who loves an artist, movie franchise, group, or sports star with all of her heart.

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I know what you guys are probably thinking – a fangirl’s what? Basically, my new project is going to be like a BSBFangirls University. It’s going to break down fangirls need to know, especially the newbies who are just blossoming into their fangirlness. Or it could be for the fangirl who wants to branch out […]

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