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The biggest news to come from it? He is going back into the studio the first week of October to start work on a new solo album!

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It’s almost time guys! We are going to make this the post with EVERYTHING you need to know about AJ being on Dancing with the stars, starting from the beginning and with updates posted at the bottom of the page with a date and time. We are going to document this whole thing, just like we did when Nick Carter was on the show. 

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On top of staring on “Dancing with the Stars,” AJ McLean and his dancing partner Cheryl Burke have launched a new podcast. “Pretty Messed Up” is also the name of their new dancing team on “DWTS.” The show, which is co-hosted with Renee Elizondo, Jr., Janet Jackson’s ex who also helped AJ direct the Backstreet […]

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Because we all need more Backstreet Boys goodies right now, Rich + Tone, the men behind the boys’ moves for years and directed the music video for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” are giving us a look behind the scenes of the DNA World Tour. 

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Socializing with fellow fangirls in 2020 takes a little creativity and technology. Celebrating a big milestone like a birthday or a baby shower has now turned to “virtual” get-togethers.  Fans all over the world are missing the Backstreet Boys. The boys are missing their fans too. So what better way than to welcome our friends […]

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Nothing in the world sounds better right now than sitting back and listening to our favorite five guys perform an acoustic set.  Don’t get us wrong — we love the high-energy, choreographed dancing and the hype that their typical concert sets give us each and every show. But, something about a stripped-down acoustic set hits […]

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Join us—Brianne, Danielle, Kelsey and Britt—as we sip some cocktails, spill some tea, and swoon over our favorite boyband members.

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This is just another little scattered blog post by yours truly about different little things going on with us on the site!

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It should come as no surprise that my summer has not gone as planned. 

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