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Welcome to – a place where adult Backstreet Boys fangirls have a safe place to fangirl about anything they like – especially the Backstreet Boys. Here you can find blog posts by me, Karah, and my fellow fangirl friends.

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Howie Dorough’s episode of “Long Island Medium” is now out on Discovery+, the Discovery Channel’s streaming platform.

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You know things are boring in a fandom when it’s the name of your vlog.  Check out the latest episode of The Fangirl Diaries!

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We are almost at the year mark of being in a pandemic and emotions are running high in the Backstreet Boys fandom.  Why wouldn’t they be high? It seems like COVID is never going to leave and there are already talks of postponing the boys’ tour yet again (Nick said so in an interview last […]

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Instagram is a beast that is constantly changing and has been since it first became popular after its release in the fall of 2010. I mean, most of us have one, right? Some of us post photos of our pets, selfies, food, or sunsets, but fan accounts on Instagram have become very popular.

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Every year I always do something for Nick Carter’s birthday. 

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I know, right? You saw the title and when “say whaaaat?” Nick Carter talked with WGTV about all things solo records, Backstreet Boys, and Cure 4 The Kids Foundation.

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Can you say that this is the best news from January 2021? Finally things are looking up again this year!

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Imagine traveling the world for more than half of your life. You meet kids, teenagers and adults who are screaming your name at the top of their lungs. They love you. They adore you. They idolize you. They respect you. Many of them have grown up with you. They’ve seen your struggles (the ones that […]

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This post is going to be about Brian Littrell, his wife, and the drama that has been going on a lot the last few months. If you are going to automatically call me a hater, please see yourself out. Click that “x” in your browser or go to where you’ve probably already signed up – […]

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