The Fangirls

About Karah

I have been a fangirl since I was born, I think. I met my first celebrity when I was two-years-old. It was Enos from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” I went to my first concert when I was in 4th grade – New Kids on the Block (my first music loves). I got in a fight in 7th grade because someone ripped my Mark-Paul Gosselaar poster (Zack from “Saved by the Bell.” Then just before I graduated high school, I saw the Backstreet Boys at Grad Nite at Walt Disney World. Nick Carter looked at me when he sang “Am I sexual?” and I have never been the same.

They have been a HUGE part of my life and basically saved it. In fact, Nick talked me into going back to college and I became an award-winning journalist before changing careers and went into marketing. I have been lucky enough to interview Howie, go on the cruises, travel to see them, and extremely lucky to have met my best friends and sisters thanks to the boys. 

About Emilia

Backstreet Boys fans may know me from my work on Kaos Online – a Nick Carter fan site that I launched in 2006 and owned for 12 years. In 2018, I decided to close the fan site but continue to update fans on all things Backstreet through the site’s social media pages. 

I began my journey into the BSB fandom in 2003 with my own groups and joining forums. That eventually led me to making my own site back in 2006. 

I’ve been a BSB fan for 24 years, have attended six concerts and met them a few times. I also had the chance to meet Nick twice during his solo tours. Outside of BSB, I love music, soccer, and writing.


– Nick Carter

The Other Girls


I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since 1997 when I first heard them on the radio singing “Quit Playin Games With My Heart.” Coincidentally, that’s the same year my best friend and I met and bonded over our love of the boys. Twenty-four years later and we still talk all things Backstreet daily. Over the years, my love of the boys has brought so many new and wonderful people into my life and created friendships and experiences I never could’ve dreamed. In my non-BSB time, my husband and I chase my young kids around wherever they may go and work as a psychologist and educator.


Hi, my name is Cindy. I live in Pennsylvania and I work in banking. I’m married, and have 2 cats. I enjoy traveling, makeup, and drinks most would say are too sweet. I love to laugh and don’t take myself too seriously. I’ve been a loyal Nick girl since day one. I met the guys for the first time in 2011, and have made some amazing memories and friends since! 


33 // North Carolina (born and raised) // Cat Mom

I’m a newlywed who has absolutely nothing in common with her husband, especially musical tastes. I am and have always been, an A-Rok girl. ‘Have It All’ should have been released in the US.


34 years old // British // long time BSB fan (Circa ‘95, yo). 

I have a deep love for music. Because of BSB, I have discovered a love for photography… and they are forever going to be my favorite band to photograph. I also found out that I love to write… fanfiction, original fiction, blogging. I also have traveled to places I only ever dreamed of, and made the best friends in the world. Have a deep love for Chris Evans, You know… Captain America. I won’t apologize if he’s accidentally on purpose included in my posts. 


Corporate Paralegal by day. Pug mom, Wifey and Kevin girl by night.


My name is Dawn, and I am a counselor working with kids in Key West, Florida. I also am a professor of Counseling and have my doctorate. I always loved traveling, but the last few years, I loved getting to travel to see BSB and make new friends. I have always been a Nick girl and will always be, but Howie has wiggled his way into my heart. 


I spend time with my dogs that are the loves of my life-Chase and Harley. I work as a medicine tech at a long-term care facility. I live in Omaha Nebraska, I’m a proud University of Nebraska alum. Go Huskers! I split my time fangirling for the Backstreet Boys and Husker sports! If I could make a living off of traveling with my dogs going to Husker games and Backstreet Boys concerts I would be in heaven! My family has become all the people I have met on my travels. 

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