About the Website

Building websites has been in Karah’s blood since 1998 when she first started dabbling in web design. After owning several sites, including a very popular fan fiction website called My Confession for years, she stopped – websites, fan fiction – everything.

In 2014, she created Boys on the Block after her “Fangirling” column at work became so popular, a former boss suggested she turn it into a website. That happened after she had written about Nick Carter and Jordan Knight working together before anyone else and was invited to two webcasts the day they announced Nick & Knight.

Once she received over 200,000 hits in one day, causing the site to crash. Thank you, Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy’s wedding.

After a while, she felt like the site wasn’t needed. She was questioning myself. She was in a funk, as most writers go through. So many other similar sites had come along, she decided she wanted to focus on another kind of writing – different things that made me happy besides Backstreet Boys, even though they continued to be a main subject on the site.

With various things happening in her life and the fact that in 2018, she barely updated, she knew what she needed to do – go back to her happiness – Backstreet Boys.

Karah had the @BSBFangirls name on social media for the site for a few years, but decided to change the name to BSBFangirls.com.

Back in 2013 Emilia launched a history site on BSB called This Is Backstreet. It included the boys discography, details on the albums, chart data, tour information and more. The site closed a few years after and the information was moved to Kaos Online.

In May 2021 it was decided to add the information from This Is Backstreet to BSBFangirls. It will include much more information than it previously. It will be a place fans can go to read up on the Boys history.