Thoughts: As April 20 comes closer, I get more emotional thinking about @BackstreetBoys

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The title of the post pretty much explains everything. 

As April 20 sneaks closer, just a little over a month away, I keep thinking about all that the Backstreet Boys have accomplished over the past 25 years. They’ve been through the ringer – business-wise and personally – and they have come out stronger because of it.

If they didn’t become stronger, would they still be around? We’ve seen bands come and go, and come again. The Wanted was obviously not wanted and disappeared and One Direction all went their separate ways (but I hope for a reunion!). O-Town and 98 Degrees went away and came back again, as did New Kids on the Block.

But the Backstreet Boys have stayed right there, together. Except for the two-year hiatus they took when Nick Carter did a solo album, they’ve been kicking in since whether it’s in the studio or on the road.

Every time I think about April 20th, I wonder if non-fans even know how much that date means to us Backstreet fans? Do they realize that day in the Spring of 1993 that our lives were changed forever? They may not have touched our lives until months or years later, but that day a part of us was born.

This year, the Backstreet Boys will be performing overseas so they won’t be here in the U.S. on their 25th anniversary, but in our hearts we will all be celebrating.

How do YOU plan on celebrating the Backstreet Boys 25th anniversary?


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