DNA Tour = Delayed. Ready For Some GIFs to Match Your Feels Right Now?

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Remember obsessing over seeing the boys in the teen magazines back in the day? Then, a few pages later, you’d hit the infamous quizzes asking, “Which one are you!?”

Well, we’re taking a page from those nostalgic magazines today and we’re not only delivering you some “results” that might show you how you felt after hearing the UGH news about the DNA tour news this week, but we’re also showing off some gifs that we know will make you smile. 😉


So, tell us:  Which statement (and gif?!) do you identify with most after hearing the DNA Tour postponement news this week?!


You’re more annoyed than anything — and for #allthereasons.

  •  You can’t believe that people are still asking if the tour is postponed.

  • And, you know if you see ONE MORE POST in a Facebook group about the tour being postponed, you just might lose your shit a little bit.


You’re nervous. Really, really freakin’ nervous.

  • You’re having a hard time sleeping because you just keep wondering what’s going to happen.

  • Your bad habit of nail biting has suddenly made its return.

  •  All you can do is pray that everything resolves super, super quick


You knew it was coming, but the official news still feels like a punch in the gut. 

  • You need some time to process everything. You kind of feel like it just can’t be real.

  • Oh, and you’re still washing your hands like freakin’ crazy to avoid catching the virus yourself.


You’re generally okay. You get it. While you’re bummed, you get it:

  • You might find yourself trying to explain logically to other fans that as much as this is a bummer, it truly IS the right decision.

  •  Or, maybe you’re just doing basic stuff around the house to distract your mind.


You’re motivated to make 2021 YOUR YEAR. Oh, and the year that #backstreetsback!

  • You’re going to look back at a few old concerts on VHS to relive the memories!

  • And, maybe, just maybe, you’ve started a new Tiktok account to learn a new BSB dance before 2021!

You KNOW we couldn’t just leave you all up in your feels, right? So many of us were looking forward to these 2020 dates, so it’s no wonder it was a heavy week to be a BSB fan, even if you do fully “get” why it all had to happen.

We encourage you to join us in the BSB Fangirls Facebook group and let us know how you’re feeling by posting one of these gifs! We’re here for you and we’re ready to support you in any way that you need us.

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