22 years ago today, @BackstreetBoys changed my life forever

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Picture it – 1998, Walt Disney World, Orlando. 

Yes, that sounds very Sophia from “Golden Girls” but this is the picture I’m trying to paint a picture here. Think about the happiest place in the world, a girl that is depressed and is scared where her life is going, and a boy band. 

I’ve written about May 1, 1998 a lot on this site. It’s the day that changed my life. It’s the day that Nick Carter looked at me during “Everybody” and asked, “Am I sexual?” and I nodded slowly. 

Because of that night, I found my love for writing by writing fan fiction, I found my love of journalism because of writing fan fiction, I found my best friends, I found a reason to live to be honest. So many times before they came into my life and even after, I’ve thought about ending it all, and I haven’t. 

They are always there. 

That’s why I celebrate May 1st so much. Some people think it’s silly, but in a way, it was like a rebirth a month before graduating high school. Two years ago, I celebrated my 20th anniversary by heading to MIami for the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise. Last year I was in San Antonio for a work trip and this year, this year I’m stuck at home with his pandemic going on. 

So instead of thinking about how this year is probably not going to be a good year fandom wise, I wanted to post a few of my favorite photos and videos from being in this fandom. 🙂

Part of the 2018 BSB Cruise HQ contest


My first full group photo from August 22, 2013

The Nick & Knight tour

The 2014 Backstreet Boys Cruise (I’m in the blue wig between Howie and Nick)

The Vegas Residency

“The Way It Was” – DNA Tour – July 12, 2019 (my birthday)

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