Get ready, happiness begins (AKA DNA Tour) on July 12th, but am I ready?

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With only two more European shows to go (Warsaw and Budapest), the Backstreet Boys will be coming back to the United States for two weeks of rest before heading to Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, to kick-off the North American leg of their DNA World Tour.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. It’s my 39th birthday and I will be celebrating it with three of my best friends and my five favorite dudes.

See, I’ve never gotten to see the boys around my birthday before. The closest I came was in 1998 when they were in Jacksonville, Florida (close to my hometown) on my birthday – July 12th. I had just became a fan, just graduated high school, had no job except for babysitting and my mother said that it was a phase I was going through and wouldn’t care about seeing them soon enough.

Yeah, 21 years later, I still hate that I didn’t see them on my 18th birthday. I’ve traveled across the country to see them, drove 12 hours, been to Europe to see them and two tattoos later, I’m still all in.

Seeing how big the tour was in Europe makes me almost giddy because I only got to see them twice at the height of their fame. The first time was the night I became a fan on May 1, 1998 when I saw them at Grad Nite. The second time was the Black & Blue World Tour in Orlando, kicking off that summer leg that ended up being postponed due to AJ going into rehab.

Of course they went to arenas for NKOTBSB, but that was different.

This time it’s almost like 1999 again. The huge crowds in Europe make me nervous almost because I’m so used to seeing them in such a personable environment. So I ask myself, will it still be the same? Will I still get that connection with Kevin, locking eyes while he does his turtle dance? Will Nick do that little smirk at me and point during a point in a song? Will Howie wink or Brian wave until you wave back at him? Will AJ still scream “GOOD GOD” during “Get Another Boyfriend?”

(Yes, when he did it in Vegas each time I died a little inside from happiness.)

I’ll admit that I’ve been spoiled over the years so a big tour makes me nervous. I guess in a way we had them to ourselves for so long, so to see them on top of their game again makes you proud, but also makes you scared that you won’t get that interaction with them anymore because the shows are so big.

I mean, I have great seats, amazing tickets, but the spoiled fangirl in me is still nervous.

Anywhooo …

There have been a lot of new visitors to the site lately, so in a way, I wanted this to be a little introduction.

I’m Karah. I’ll be 39 in less than three weeks and I have loved the Backstreet Boys since May 1, 1998. Nick is my favorite and he helped change my life. I used to be an award-winning journalist, but I left the media industry and now work in marketing. I help mod the Backstreet Boys Fan Club where I write some things for it. I’m also obsessed with the Marvel movies (Hey Thor, hey!) and write romance novels that are heavily based on some of my favorite boy bands. *wink wink* I used to write fan fiction back in the day.

This site is more than just a news site, which I try to do, but lets face it, when you work a full-time job, help take care of your disabled, wheelchair-bound mother, and deal with your own health issues, it’s hard to constantly post about news without it being posted late and then everybody already knows.

So with my site, I try to be someone others can relate to. I’m an adult fangirl, which there are a lot of out there. You wouldn’t think it, but adult fangirls are everywhere. Yes, I won’t lie and say that Nick Carter is possibly the hottest person to ever walk this Earth, but I also won’t lie when I say that I love and respect his wife who has always been nothing short of amazing to me.

I get a lot of slack because in the past I’ve been very opinionated (kind of bitchy) and get attacked because I like his wife and that I’ve supported him through some less-than-stellar times. But you know what? I don’t care. It’s who I am.

Get ready guys, happiness begins on July 12th for those of us in the U.S. and Canada. It’s gonna be a crazy ride!

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