Thoughts: @NickCarter treats his fans like family … and it’s amazing

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I was having a conversation with someone today about how interactive Nick Carter is with his fans and how personable he is with us.  Out of all the celebrities, I’ve met, I have NEVER met someone who treats his fans like family the way Nick does.

And I promise I’m not just saying that because of a.) I’m a Nick girl and b.) he knows who I am.

I mean, heck, one of the reasons that proves how well he treats his fans is the fact that he knows who I am, what I do for a living, remembers me, asks about my Mom, knows I live in Atlanta, etc. Yes, all of the other boys do that, too, but I feel like Nick takes it to the next level.

Look at the events he holds for fans like his birthday celebration. How many singers do you know who would invite fans to do that? Yeah, there was a price of admission to it, but that most celebs won’t even do that and you know the cost had to do with renting the place, etc.

One of my favorite stories that proves how much he cares is one about a letter in 2013.

I was one of the first fans to read the book he wrote due to being a journalist. One of my quotes from the review was almost put on the back of the book, but the company decided to go another way. I wrote him a letter and gave to him in a card during their ATL stop on the “In A World Like This” tour and gave it to him during the meet and greet.

Fast forward a few days and I’m in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with Hannah for VIP at their show (the show where they performed “Back To Your Heart” for the first time in a million years.) As we go up for our group picture (we did two separate photos together), Nick hugs me and says, “I read the letter,” and then hugs me really tightly again. He wouldn’t let me move over to Kevin for our second photo and wrapped his arm around my neck.

Seeing how much fun he had with fans at his birthday party event yesterday in Las Vegas made me smile. Yes, I was jealous I couldn’t be there, but seeing how open and warm he was with his fans, yet again, reminded me what an amazing person he is and has always been to me.

Nick Carter is the nicest celebrity … but more than that, he’s an amazing dude that I would rope the moon for.

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