Personal: Slacking, Adulting, Writing and Worrying

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Hey everybody,

I know I have been slacking on the site for well over a year now and every single time I say that I’ll do more, and then I don’t. I’m not sure what it is, because it’s not that my love for BSB has slipped or I’m not fangirling in general. Maybe I’m just not inspired enough to write about them like I used to be? Plus, there’s so many other great sites that I just feel like mine sucks lately. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so focused on my writing. That creative side of the brain seems to be working – other side, not so much.

I’ve never been one to not be personal on my sites. It’s been that way since I started my very first one, especially when it dealt with my depression and anxiety.

But right now, I’m probably the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. I’ve got a great new job, my mom isn’t sick and hasn’t been in the hospital in over a year (knock on wood) and I just won a trip to Las Vegas to see the Backstreet Boys next month. I’m not worrying about money all the time now or Ubering on my weekends off to pay for groceries. Sometimes I feel like people like when I talk about personal things and other times, I feel like people don’t. Sometimes I don’t know what to think.

This site and every site I’ve ever had has always been about what I wanted to do and sometimes I feel like I’m trying too hard to keep up with everything else. Adulting is hard. For those who aren’t 38 yet, guess what? It’s not all that great.

My love for the Backstreet Boys is probably the strongest it’s been since I became a fan over 20 years ago. Trust me. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you know it is. I want to get back to where I’m writing fun posts, but lately my posts have been more about my thoughts dealing with BSB or feelings.

This post is just a blob of thoughts. I apologize in advance because nobody probably wants to read it.

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