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Find out where you can buy ‘Backstreet Boys: 30th Anniversary Celebration’

One of the main questions Emilia and I get is: "Where can I buy the book?" and it's not a simple answer. Where with my fiction books, it's always Amazon, but since we have a publishing deal for our "Backstreet Boys: 30th Anniversary Celebration" book, there are a ton...
“Let It Be Me” is now out .. kind of!

“Let It Be Me” is now out .. kind of!

I started writing on “Let It Be Me” last year, after a whirlwind summer of fun, concerts, trips and more. You know, before COVID-19 came in and ruined our lives. I had a good run with writing on it and then the winter funk started. Then just as I was getting back into writing on it, the coronavirus hit. 

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