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News: Sequel to “How To Be An Adult Fangirl” has started!

For those that read my book that came out just over two years ago, "How to Be An Adult Fangirl (And Not Ruin Your Life)," I have some news! I have started the sequel to the book over on Wattpad and it's free 🙂  The title is similar - "How to Be An Adult Fangirl...
“Let It Be Me” is now out .. kind of!

“Let It Be Me” is now out .. kind of!

I started writing on “Let It Be Me” last year, after a whirlwind summer of fun, concerts, trips and more. You know, before COVID-19 came in and ruined our lives. I had a good run with writing on it and then the winter funk started. Then just as I was getting back into writing on it, the coronavirus hit. 

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