This, That, and Other: Books, a fangirl podcast, oh my!

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This is just another little scattered blog post by yours truly about different little things going on with us on the site!


As I’ve said before, I’ve been posting a lot of my older fan fictions on Wattpad, along with my latest story, “Let It Be Me.” LIBM is not fan fiction, but there’s a boy band involved. 

I’ve also decided to take “How to be an Adult Fangirl (And Not Ruin Your Life)” off of Amazon and posted it fully on Wattpad! So you can now read it for free!

And don’t forget you can read Emilia’s story “Fallen” over there!


Yep you heard that right! Britt and Kelsey are starting a podcast with Danielle (who wrote that popular “I Want It That Way” meaning post a few weeks ago) and Brianne! The name is “Fangirls Night Out” and Britt and Kelsey will have more on the podcast this week with a post on here before the premiere on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST. Be sure to follow them on all of their social medias

Dancing With The Stars

We will be trying to have all the latest news on “Dancing With The Stars” here on the site, even with reviews of AJ’s dances by either Brittany, our resident Bone girl, or myself. They are making a lot of changes this season and are not announcing the pairings until the premiere. 


That’s it for now. Expect more coming this week and as always you can reach out to us on Twitter @BSBFangirls!


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