Writing Update: Cover Girl, Superstar and can writer’s block be gone?

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Yep, the writer’s block is still kind of here. I mean, I’ve written over a chapter on my new story that I got the idea for next weekend, but I’ve rewritten it twice and now I’m stuck between splitting the story into two – a semi-autobiography type thing and then a romance story. 

Because we all know I don’t have much of a romantic life lately. LOL!

I just need to get past whatever this is holding me back. Because no, it’s not fan fiction and I have written things that isn’t fan fiction. Hell, I was a Creative Writing minor in college and was a major for a while. I just really feel like I need to hire someone with a big ass spoon to go in and scoop out my brain or something.

It’s even causing my blogging to suck. Which, let’s face it, has sucked since my mother got sick almost two years ago anyway. Everybody is doing a much better job than me so sometimes I wonder why I still do it.

On the book publishing side, I have now published “Nothing Like This,” “Cover Girl” and soon, I’ll be publishing “Superstar“.

While “Nothing Like This” and “Cover Girl” are exactly the stories I’ve had out before on my old fan fiction site (besides the names, etc.), I’m going to be adding to “Superstar.” It’s the same story as before, but with a few new scenes and stuff. So it will be a little different. If I publish anymore, I’m going to be doing the same thing, adding to the stories and making them a little different.

Maybe that will help this block. I hope.

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