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by | Aug 15, 2020 | Books, Karah's Books, Shop

Hey everybody!

As everybody knows, it’s been very slow and dark in Backstreetland due to Coronavirus. Nick and AJ have been pretty active lately on Twitter and Instagram, which is always fun, especially if you can get a tweet from them!

We have a few things planned for this coming week here on the site, but wanted to do a quick rundown of some things we have going on.

First off, we’ve added a few new merch items to our shops – in our Redbubble and TeeSpring stores! 

Also, I’ve added more new chapters to my latest story, LET IT BE ME, over on Wattpad! And be sure to check out my profile – @karahtheadultfangirl – because I’ve been adding some of my old fanfics such as “The Story of Us” series and the “Fearless” series (basically a Nick/Donnie fanfic) that Lisa and I wrote together. The first story of that is already up and I”ll be putting up the second story in the series soon. 


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