Exclusive: 11 questions with AJ McLean (@skulleeroz)

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AJ McLean performs in Cincnnati, Ohio in June 2014. (Photo by Karah)

AJ McLean performs in Cincnnati, Ohio in June 2014. (Photo by Karah)

AJ McLean is not your typical boy band member. He never was, he never will be. With a rugged appearance, but a heart of gold, McLean has been known to be a little rowdy, but at the same time, has been known to be one of the kindest and sweetest men you will ever meet.

We here at Boys On The Block are proud to have McLean as our first celebrity interview and thank him for taking the time to answer our questions. He was a little too busy to Skype with us like originally planned, but thanks to technology, we were able to get the interview done regardless.


1. BOTB: There’s been talk since a soundcheck on the U.S. tour of a Sphynkter reunion on the cruise. You even answered Karah’s question about it  during that BMG twitter chat. Is that still possible?

McLean: Ha, that’s funny. You never know what you’ll get in the world of BSB, so there’s always a possibility of a reunion!!


2. BOTB: When can we expect the launch of Alexander Jaymes Originals? Everybody wants them and everyone talks about them constantly. Do you like the buzz around AJO?

McLean: Hopefully the launch will happen by the end of the year online first then we will move into retail stores! We’re excited and cannot wait for the world to see all we have to offer.


3. BOTB: Having been married almost three years now, what do you think Rochelle would say you need improvement on or that you tend to get on her nerves because don’t do something?

McLean: We are a great team and that’s what love is, 100% from both sides and she is the most amazing wife, mother and best friend I could have ever asked for. But she does get on me about coming home from tour and just dropping clothes all over the place lol


AJ McLean performs in concert in Orlando, Fla. in July 2011.  (Photo by Karah)

AJ McLean performs in concert in Orlando, Fla. in July 2011. (Photo by Karah)

4. BOTB: If VH1 were making a Behind the Music episode on Johnny NoName, where do you think he would be today

McLean: Probably in rehab!


5. BOTB: A fan question from @tattooedmommi2: Was there ever a point in your life where you said “fuck this” and wanted to be out of the public eye and live a regular person’s life, even if it meant giving up performing on stage?

McLean: There was a few times after I went to rehab the first time, but I realized that wouldn’t make me happy. My home is on the stage.


6. BOTB: How’s your father? What’s it like having him around now?

McLean: He’s great! Still working through everything, but it’s better than it’s ever been in the past. It’s nice to have two Dads that love me.


7. BOTB: Do you still talk to any of your exes? You’re all in different places now. Do you think any of them would have worked out?

McLean: I don’t talk to any of them. It’s a new time and a new life for me, a happier one. I wish them all the best and no if they would have worked out, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now with the best fam ever.


8. BOTB: You’ve been wearing that FUCK hat for years now, do you have more than one? Why do you love it?

McLean: I do love it. It’s my fave baseball cap and I just love the word fuck. Ha! And no, I have just the one.


9.  BOTB: Will you ever go blonde again?

McLean: Maybe down the road, but for now, no.


10. BOTB: Fan question from @alexa_mclean: Ask my boy AJ when he and the boys got the name Backstreet Boys did he love the name at first or not? What other names were talked about?

McLean: We got it from a market in Orlando 21 years ago and there was never another name. This was it and I think it’s worked out pretty well!


11. BOTB: Are you still planning on releasing a new solo album? If so, will you be doing any shows to promote it?

McLean: I’m working on a new one as we speak and it’s gonna be the best one ever. Not sure (of a) release date yet and a tour for sure all over the world.


Note from Karah: Thank you AJ for taking time to do this 🙂 You. Are. Amazing.

Note from Mary: Hi, everyone! First, I really want to thank AJ for being the man I always knew he was. Sweet, loving and one of the few celebrities who cares about his fans. Second, Karah and I originally had 16 questions up for AJ, but because he was definitely very busy, I condensed it down to 11. Maybe when our favorite bad boy isn’t so busy I can get those last few questions from him! Thanks again for reading and keep loving AJ!

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  1. Kristi

    Great article and great questions!

  2. Amanda

    These are indeed great questions. Nice to know he gets along with his biological dad. Poor Johnny No-Name, lol. I don’t know about the blond hair idea, I’d be scared of his precious hair falling out. I hope he blows our socks off with his next solo album. 😀

  3. Autumn

    You guys are awesome! So glad you were able to make this interview happen.


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