Exclusive: Bonus AJ McLean (@skulleeroz) Interview Question

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Exclusives, Interviews

As a fan of AJ McLean, I knew being able to do this interview would change my life. I know just about everything there is to know and yet, he still managed to surprise me with some of his answers from yesterday. While I had some crazy questions on the agenda, there wasn’t enough time to get to them all. However, I did ask the big one.

BOTB: Do you remember your first time? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How…?

Sure, the question alone is intimidating to ask. The whole HOUR I was waiting for a reply I was freaking out.
OMG, what if he gets disgusted I asked that?
What if he unfollows me?
It’ll be the one question Rochelle sees and she’ll forever ban me from everything Backstreet.

After the long hour wait, I got my answer and folks, it was as perfect as he is.

McLean: A gentleman never tells 😉

YUP! Although the answer is simple and sweet, it lets us know that although he is very open about his sexuality…He never kisses and tells.


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