22 of the best @BackstreetBoys quotes of all time

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Top Lists

On Monday it will be 22 years since the Backstreet Boys have started ( I wasn’t even born yet).  So in honor of their accomplishments I give you today, the 22 sayings of Backstreet Boys from lyrics, interviews, Q&As, funny ones, serious ones, and so on.

22. “I got a high crack.” ~ Nick

21.  “My name is Howie D., and this is How we Do it.”~ Howie

20. “Nick is a like the little brother that I never had.” ~ Brian

19. “20 years is a long time, for anybody. Let alone a buncha dorks jumping around on stage, singing and dancing.”~ A.J

18. “I’ll never break your heart, I’ll never make you cry.”

17.  ” My name is Kev, and I want you to know that I will always love you,  yes baby … no Diggity”~ Kevin

16.  “The girls were outside this building. We thought some kind of club was going on, but apparently it was a bunch of fans waiting for us. We went upstairs to do our thing on the radio station and we got pinned inside. They were blocking the stairway and the exits. Our security got us out but warned us not to sign autographs. Well, dummy me, decided to sign an autograph while Howie’s being yanked away — Howie’s yelling and I’m not noticing, just standing there happy and signing autographs!”~ AJ

15.”You never let me see you crying, You locked it somewhere deep inside Baby, baby, let me hold you tight,And make it alright.”~ You Can Let Go

14.  “I will one day be able to bring my family here. My kids will be able to bring their kids here and still be able to see the legacy that the Backstreet Boys have carried on for many years.”~ Howie

13. “I love you guys. And aside from my wedding day and the birth of my daughter, this is hands-down the best day of my life.”~ AJ

12. “I never ever imagined in a million years that we would be a part of this.”~ Nick

11. “I worked my entire life to never be walked on, but I’m OK with this one.”~ Brian

10. ” As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything.”~ Nick

9. “”I do have a voice… I want to make music for me. I want to make music for fans, I want to make everybody happy.”~ Brian

8. “What makes you different, makes you beautiful.”

7. “Hold on, don’t let go, hold on, you know help is on its way.”~ Madeline

6. “You are my fire, the one desire.” ~ I want it that way

5. ” I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me.”

4. “Looking back on the things I’ve done, I was trying to be someone.” ~ Shape of my heart

3. “You gotta stand for something Even if you stand alone, don’t be afraid
It’s gonna be alright.” ~ Show em what you’re made of

2. “As long as there is music we’ll be coming back again.” ~ Everybody

1. ” The BSB army is in full force tonight.” ~ Kevin




  1. Nancy

    Great quote list!

    • Jashania



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