How a @BackstreetBoys Fangirl Got Her Groove Back

by | Apr 18, 2022 | AJ McLean, Backstreet Boys, Brian Littrell, Concert Reviewer, Exclusives, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Review

Something happened this weekend that I was scared would never happen again – I would see the Backstreet Boys.

The pandemic was long and while we are still kind of in it, for two and a half years, I went without seeing friends, without seeing my favorite band, without concerts period.

This weekend I finally went to my first concert back since the pandemic, my first two actually, and it was glorious.

I mean, it was the Backstreet Boys so obviously.

Don’t get me wrong, I never lost my love for the boys. If anything, this pandemic made it stronger if that’s even possible. But I was in a rut with it, sort of. I was having writer’s block when it came to blogging, as you could tell, and writing, in general, that wasn’t work-related. I buried all of that into my Etsy shop.

But something in me this weekend clicked and I wished I had a laptop on my flights home so that I could write because I felt like the words were finally reaching my fingertips.

I missed the Backstreet Boys.

I missed the way Nick does little things to get to me on stage and saying my name (in person).

I missed the way Kevin dances like no one else is watching and looking you dead in the eyes, so intently, while talking to you.

I missed the way AJ screams “Good God” and literally makes eye contact with everyone in the audience.

I missed Howie and his salsa dancing and his solos.

I missed Brian lifting his leg when he’s trying to hit a note.

I missed the fuck out of the Backstreet Boys.

I missed seeing friends that I haven’t seen in over two years or had never met in person. I missed being around a ton of people that just GOT IT. That got what it’s like to love a band so much.

As for the concert, the boys were marvelous as usual. I don’t really have to explain that to most of you. They could sing the phone book and it would be amazing, but I just didn’t realize how much I missed songs like “I Want It That Way,” which, two years I would have told you that I’m tired of hearing.

I’m not sure I’ll ever say that again. They could sing a whole show of “I Want It That Way” after the last two and a half years and I’d be okay with it.

The first night I had DNA Circle which was AMAZING. The second night I had seats in the front row of the 200 section, which honestly I was missing being close to the stage but I’m always close to the stage. I did get to see the show from a different viewpoint and look over at Nick’s daughter Saoirse a few times during the night to see her reacting to it.

Never again, will I take for granted being at a concert and hearing my boys sing a cappella

I spent more time enjoying the shows this time and planned to use my camera to take photos on the second night, but was not allowed to (that’s a whole other bag of chips – and it wasn’t a professional camera), so enjoy some that I got on my phone beside the ones posted above. 🙂

Click the photos to see bigger versions 🙂


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