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I could go into a long, drawn out detail of every single thing that happened on the cruise, but I won’t do it. I figure, why not just give the highlights?

Sail Away Party
We ended up down front, one or two rows of girls from the bar. They came out in sailor suits and it was awesome. Nick and Howie came down and stood on the bar where they proceeded to drown us in champagne. Then Nick started feeding it to us. Again, I don’t drink, but when Nick wants to give me something, I won’t say no. It was the nastiest tasting drink I’ve ever had, but that’s okay.

Game Show
Our seats for the events were sixth row center, which was freakin’ awesome. The game show was hilarious. The fact that Nick couldn’t remember what the Ninja Turtle’s enemy’s real name was killed me. He looked so disappointed in himself.

Studio 54 night
Julz and I actually saw Nick playing something in the casino with Howie and just stood there talking with Mike, totally ignoring Nick and Howie until some girl bypassed us and Mike and made her way up to Nick taping him on the arm. Hm, you do not do that. You don’t do that at all. I think it made Nick made, plus the fact that I think he lost. 🙁 Damn cray cray girls. After that, we stood around for a bit and I eventually went to sit down because my foot was killing me and we had only been on the boat for a few hours. The guys came out all decked out and Nick looked like he did on his 32nd birthday party with that hair. Kevin and AJ stole the show though. Howie looked like Robin Gibb. AJ ended up coming up to where we were and I go ta picture with him. He mentioned we had the same fro wig on almost (except mine was a dark blonde). After staying for a bit longer, we went to go to our room and saw Kevin going to his room and I got a photo with him.

Sunday and Saturday switched
Because of the weather, the schedules for Sunday and Saturday switched.

We blew up Llama Llama for the photo because why wouldn’t we? Hannah had tried to fix the hole he had in his butt but he kept leaking. We took him around the ship for some photos then got in line for pictures with him. Security told us we couldn’t take him in until Hannah was like, “They know he’s coming” and name dropped Justin who did know Llama was coming. So we go in and apparently AJ saw Llama on Instagram and saw that he was coming for them. Kevin remembered Llama specifically from Tuscaloosa. We took our photo and then Mike kept motioning for Hannah to go to Justin so she did and gave him the lei around Llama’s neck. Justin has now been lei’d by a Llama. We think the Llama has become an inside joke with them, but Justin loves Llama.

Don’t Forget The Lyrics
I wished I had gotten the chance to play this. I would have owned it… unless it was that “Let It Go” song. I think Nick, Howie and I were the only ones who didn’t know the song. Chrissy ended up being put on stage for it but didn’t get to sing, but I got lots of pics.

THE CONCERT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER! “Hey Mr. DJ” and “That’s The Way I Like It” and “Undone” and “Straight Through My Heart.” There’s nothing ever that can top that concert. And the joking around and cussing that went on. I loved it.

Halloween Night
I wasn’t feeling Halloween night. I just went and sat down. My foot was killing me. I wasn’t feeling very good and I was tired. I didn’t even wear my actual real costume. I wore the dress and hat, but I was supposed to be a sailor Cabbage Patch Kid, but I didn’t wear the red pigtail wig. I had my hair in pigtail braids instead and wished I could have gotten a pic with Nick with the matching hair, but eh, whatever. I didn’t feel good and I wasn’t fighting those people. Nick made his way through the crowd at one point and I saw people pulling his pigtails and it was just too much. I went down there to attempt it and was finally like screw it.

Beach Day
We went to Half Moon Cay on Sunday and it was shortlived, but awesome. The games were awesome, the weather was awesome and I’ve never seen water like that before. I got photos with all the guys but Brian on Sunday, including Howie and Kevin out in the water. I didn’t get a picture with Brian the entire weekend, but I played volleyball on his team and probably could have gotten one then, but didn’t. There’s a time and place for everything. I got a photo with Nick after he got out of the water and I was like “you’re wet” and he’s like “yeaaaah I’m wet.” LMFAO I got a photo with AJ, finally a decent non-costume photo! Taking pics with Kevin and Howie in the water was weird and the girls were crazy out there, some of them anyway. Keith earned his money that day. The girls and I got to play around in the water before accidentally running upon Nick and Brian heading to the volleyball court so Mara and I played on Brian’s team, the Georgia Florida team.

I. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. This. Movie. I cried almost the entire time in the 20 minute clip we saw. I ended up being the first person to ask a question. I guess the day before the other group asked stupid questions so Jen told us to make sure the questions were about the movie. I ended up asking Nick how it felt to go back to his old school, since we saw that part in the clips during the tour. He just had this look on his face, making me prove him right from the discussion in ATL when I asked why he kept looking at me when he was telling us we could ask questions. Also I had on the blue wig, tank top and big ass tutu so yeah, I was a sight.

ABC Night
All of us girls waited up front at the front of the stage for ABC night. I kept sitting down on the edge of the hot tub because of my foot, which was good. I hated not being able to be in the midst of stuff. So I pushed my way through it and I paid for it dearly because my foot was so swollen by the end of the night and the next morning when we left that it hurt to walk. But the pain was worth it in the end. Nick fed me more alcohol, fed my friends more alcohol, we got kisses from Howie and he squirted Mary in the mouth with something alcoholic in a water gun.

Overall, it was an awesome cruise. It was so much better than 2011 because I had people who were actually my friends around me. My goal of the cruise was to get a decent solo picture with AJ and I did more than that. I actually had a small conversation with him. He is AMAZING.

Photos and videos to come in another post 🙂

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