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Welcome to BSBFangirls.com – a place where adult Backstreet Boys fangirls have a safe place to fangirl about anything they like – especially the Backstreet Boys.

We have all been in this fandom well over 20+ years and Backstreet Boys is our area of expertise. Fanboys are welcomed, too, but this girl is made by us fangirls.

Karah, Emilia
& the BSBFangirls


Upcoming Events

Want to catch the boys live? Here is where you can find the Backstreet Boys as a group, or individually, live.

  • » June – September 2022: DNA World Tour in North America
  • » September 22-24, 2022:AJ and Nick at the Salt Lake City FanX Con 
  • » October & November 2022: DNA World Tour in Europe 
  • » October 14, 2022: “A Very Backstreet Christmas” is released.
  • » January 2023: DNA World Tour in São Paulo, Brazil
  • » February – March 2023: DNA World Tour in Australia and New Zealand
  • » April 20, 2023: 30th Anniversary as a band!

For more events, visit backstreetboys.com/events.

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Throwback Post


Need a reminder about the Backstreet Boys history? Or maybe a look down memory lane?

“So I’m proud of our fans for being resilient. I’m proud of our fans for standing up who they are, what they believe in, what they love. They aren’t listening to what the outside world says. That’s why we’re still after 30 years. You gotta have faith because being a Backstreet Boys fan isn’t either. Nor is being a Backstreet Boy.”

– Nick Carter

February 2022

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