An interview with Nick Carter’s opening act: Caldwell

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We LOVE supporting up and coming artists and when we get to see them opening for some of our favorite boys, even better!

Caldwell, a South Carolina native, is touring with Nick Carter on his #WhoIAm tour, which starts it’s second leg in Akron, Ohio on November 9th. We reached out to Caldwell to learn a little about the artist. Check out our interview below, and check him out on tour with Nick Carter this month! Tickets:

BSBFangirls: Tell us about yourself and how you got into music?

Caldwell: My name is Caldwell and I’m a 24-year-old, music pioneer from South Carolina. I got into music, because it was the only way that I saw an outlet to be the me. I didn’t have to fit in anyone’s box or meet the norms people had laid out for me…I could do whatever I want. 

BSBFangirls: Give us your quick elevator pitch on your sound

Caldwell: To sum it up…my music speaks for itself. 

BSBFangirls: Who is your biggest musical influence?

Caldwell: The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. 

BSBFangirls: What inspired your latest song? 

Caldwell: Just trying to show my intention and direction of where my music journey is going. The record is called “Flying Pass,” and I was trying to communicate that there ‘ain’t no way’ I can be stopped once we get the green light. 

BSBFangirls: Manifest your dream tour – who would you love to tour with someday?

Caldwell: I’d like to open first, open second, and close the show…it’s ALL ME!

BSBFangirls: What has been your biggest achievement in music so far?

Caldwell: I don’t consider anything I do an achievement, and I’m not sure that I will ever think of it that way. I just have a long list of things I need to get done, and after that…there will be another list of things to-do. I’m currently going down that list and checking them off one by one. Whether it’s touring, plaques, features, whatever…I’m just creating my achievement list and checking things off daily. 

BSBFangirls: Before this gig, what did you know about Backstreet Boys and were you a fan?

Caldwell: I knew they wanted it ‘that way,’ and my Mom loved them…that was about it. 

BSBFangirls: Before this gig, what did you know about Nick Carter’s solo music?

Caldwell: I knew he could hold his own weight on a record. I was in Vegas when they made his “Superman” record, and I remember coming in the studio and being blown away at his range vocally, along with his songwriting. 

BSBFangirls: What about this tour are you most excited about?

Caldwell: Seeing the Niagara Falls and interacting with new fans.

BSBFangirls: What would you like people to walk away with after seeing you perform live?

Caldwell: Hopefully, some new music to listen to and a t-shirt from the merch booth. 😊

BSBFangirls: What else do you want us to know about you as a person or a musician?

Caldwell: I’m going to be bigger than Elvis…that about sums it up!

We are looking forward to seeing Caldwell out with Nick Carter this month!


  1. Lex

    Hey where can I find Caldwells music? I really liked him at the Niagara falls show and would like to hear more

    • Alicia Ann Simoes

      I agree!! I want more of caldwell’s music!! He was pretty good


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