Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour 2023 – 34 Million Gross Sales

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As the DNA World Tour comes to an end soon we have data on sales and attendance for the 2023 shows. Want to know how the tour did in 2022? You can see the data here. The following information is provided by Billboard Boxscore for January-March. Details for the April and May shows will be added once they’re available.

The Backstreet Boys have made another 28 million with 17 shows from January-March. $28,603,579 to be exact. The total gross since the tour began in 2019 is $227,041,257 so far. This number will be updated once we have data from the last 11 shows.

Update: Billboard has released their mid-year boxscore back in June. This is the total of all shows since January. The Backstreet Boys have made $34,852,658 on this last portion of the DNA tour. Totalling to $233,290,336 since 2019. Below is the chart data.

Top Tours January
#5 Gross $8,495,712 Attendance 119,730 – 4 shows.

Top Boxscores January (this showcases individual shows)
#8 Sao Paulo, Brazil – Gross $6,403,494 Attendance 91,340 – 2 shows.

Top Tours February
#5 Gross $13,225,127 Attendance 104,558 – 8 shows.

Top Boxscores February
#17 Tokyo, Japan Gross $4,800,000 Attendance 32,594 – 3 shows.
#30 Vina del Mar, Chile. Gross $2,707,055 Attendance 29,193

Top Tours March
#21 Gross $6,882,740 Attendance 58,621 – 5 shows.

Top Boxscores March
#28. Sydney, Australia Gross $3,218,247 Attendance 27,100 – 2 shows.

Mid-Year chart 2023 – Total for the final DNA tour dates between January-May.
Top 30 Tours
#20 Gross $34,852,658 Attendance 341,725 – 22 shows.

They also were ranked at #16 for Top Ticket Sales.

Photo credit: Justin Segura

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