Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour 2022 Rankings

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Backstreet Boys, News

The Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour has ended its 2022 run in November. The Boys’ performed 82 concerts this year between the North American leg and Europe. Thus landing on Billboard’s Year-End Boxscore charts.

With over $85 million made this year, the tour has grossed nearly 200 million dollars. Yes, you read correctly. In 2019 the tour grossed $92,310,105. The gross sales in 2020 for the 19 shows they did just before the pandemic was $20,330,901. This totals to $198,437,678 in gross sales and the tour is not over yet.

The Boys’ have 18 more shows lined up for 2023 in South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand that could put them over 200 million in gross sales. Below is their ranking on Billboard’s Year-End Boxscore chart. The DNA World Tour ranked at #22 out of 40 tours listed.

Top Tours 2022
#22 Gross Sales $85,796,672
Total Attendance 1,084,672
No. of Shows 82

Update: Pollstar rankings. 2022 Year-End Special

Top 200 North American Tours

The DNA World Tour ranked at #25 with a gross sales of 57.6 million. 811,797 total tickets. Average tickets 13,530. Average gross $960,390. 60 shows.


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