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Review: @HowieD Eatz on point in Spokane

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Concert Reviews, Exclusives, Howie Dorough, Review | 3 comments

Happy birthday to one of our favorite boys! Howie D is celebrating his final year in his 40s! And having the time of his life out on tour with the Backstreet Boys, getting ready for the boys first ever Christmas Album, coming October, 2022, and planning (seemingly in secret) for the boys 30th anniversary next April. In between all of this, Howie took some time out to host a #HowieEatz event in Spokane, Washington, and I was lucky enough to partake!

If you’ve never been to a Howie D event, I’m sending you all the luck, vibes, and encouragement to find your way to one. Howie D definitely knows how to party it up! Cue Howie’s “This is Howie do it!” I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend Howie’s birthday with him once before, on a double decker party bus in Vegas a few years back. And as always, it did not disappoint. I haven’t had a chance to join Howie for any other solo events, so I was definitely looking forward to this one.

The event was at a local Ceviche Bar and Restaurant called Zona Blanca. This trendy spot had an awesome outdoor patio complete with bar and comfy seating. They had a section partitioned off for Howie’s guests, which was a perfect space for an intimate setting. And Howie, of course, made a point to hang out and chat with everyone throughout the night.

The food and drinks were on point. Chef Chad put out snacks like Guacamole and Chips, carne asada tacos, ahi ceviche, and lamb among other delicious things. And everything had a special twist to it that added so much fun and flavor! Picking at the food all night was definitely an added touch to enjoying time with Howie. And the drinks! Specialty cocktails featuring Mezcal along with fancy shots poured by Howie D himself were abundant all night. And of course, Howie made sure everyone had what they wanted!

Another fun touch was the photo booth for our entertainment. A double photo spliced together to create a gif, most of which were adorable or hilarious. Howie took the time to take some photos with every one of his guests and I can’t wait to see my shots!

As always, the time spent with friends was the highlight of the night. For me, as for many others in the fandom, BSB events are not just a chance to get close to the boys, but an opportunity to enjoy time with friends, new and old. I had a chance to reconnect with a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, and meet someone new faces who I hope to see again. Howie made a point of sharing how much he looks forward to hearing about these connections, and how appreciative he and the boys are when they can facilitate some of these positive relationships. It warms my heart to hear him share how important that is to him.

And then there was the time chatting with Howie. What a pleasure it was to just kick back and hang out with him! We talked all things from the show, to food, to my job, to kids, to exes, to where we are from, to old events, and so many others. Howie is so easy to get along with and has a way to make you feel welcomed and appreciated. He gives all of his attention and appreciation to each of his guests and it truly shows how much he enjoys getting to know us.

Sharing stories and experiences over cocktails and delicious food with Howie D was not on my 2022 bingo card, but I’m so thankful it made a surprise appearance!

Here’s hoping for many more Howie events!

Happy birthday Howie D! Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and love! We appreciate you!

Until next time!