Review & Video: @BackstreetBoys & @NSYNC (or BackSync) celebrate pride at the Grove

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 Concerts are back! Sort of! And collaborative events between Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are a thing now! And so amazing and worth it! Once such event was the Bingo Under the Stars event in LA on June 18, 2021.

 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Back-Sync event at the Grove LA on 6/18/21. When we arrived, we stood in a few different lines, at first together to check in, then to get to the elevator to take us to the right floor, then to get our bingo card and materials.

Once we had all we needed, we found a seat and noticed a group of people in a back corner on that 8th floor of the parking structure where the event was taking place. And then we realized all 4 boys-Nick, AJ, Joey, and Lance, were all taking pictures and chatting with media in a corner of the parking lot. And we booked it over to check that out. They kept to their area for the most part, with AJ venturing out just a short while, before they all disappeared to prepare for the performance.

While they were preparing, we had a chance to play 10 rounds of bingo, the highlight of which was when Ava, AJs oldest daughter, and her friends won a round one Bingo, winning a trolley dinner for 6 through downtown LA.

Following bingo, the crowd swarmed the stage area rapidly, setting up and then waiting for BackSync to perform. They came out shortly after and allowed AJ space to perform his own song ‘Love Song Love” before the rest of the guys came out to perform “I Want It That Way” as a quartet.

Following this performance, Mission Tsuki, a  sponsor of the event, presented a check for 1 million tokens to the Trevor project, an organization which supports individual as of the LGBTQI community with mental health needs.

To wrap up the event, the boys joined forces to sing *NSYNC’s hit, “Bye Bye Bye”, with Nick taking JTs leads, and AJ rounding out the harmonies. They sounded amazing and even did some choreography reminiscent of the 90s which drove the crowd wild.

After the bingo event, the guys headed over to Lance’s nightclub, Roccos, to end the night. This event was full of dancing, liquor, and drag queens. The boys came out briefly to thank the crowd and remind us that proceeds from the event supported the Trevor Project. They then mingled with fans, taking pictures and signing memorabilia, before ending the night.

Overall, this was an amazing return to in person events! A short concert AND some after party love with the guys was exactly what we needed to get our heads back in the in person show game! And we can’t wait for more!

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