Top 5 @NickCarter songs that didn’t make “Now or Never”

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Let’s just say that when Nick Carter recorded “Now or Never,” he had some hidden gems that didn’t make the final cut. 

I remember during 2002 and 2003, we had to go buy a certain type of cereal to get a CD with a song that didn’t make the album. I believe it was some Nickelodeon-type thing. I drove two hours because a story actually had it. I kid you not. Sure, we had Napster and whatever the other free-music thing it was back then, but being able to hold that CD that you drove two hours to and two hours back to your house for only one Nick Carter song, well, there was no other feeling like it. 

It felt magical. 

Man how times have changed. 

On this first full day of Nick Carter week at, I want to take a look at five songs that didn’t make the final cut for “Now or Never.” They may have never been released or they may have ended up as a B-side on a single. 

Here are the Top 5 songs that didn’t make “Now or Never.”

1. “Scandalicious”

“Scandalicious” was released on the international and Japanese version of “Now or Never,” so technically they made the album, but not in North America. The song was co-written by Nick. What I love about this song is how he plays on the word “scandalicious,” because, well, it’s not a real word and there’s nothing I love more than someone who makes up their own words. I love that it’s a very rock/pop song, which is exactly what Nick was going for on the album. I can see why the song didn’t make it, because you had songs like “Who Needs The World,” which is amazing, but “Miss America,” yall? This song so could have taken it’s place.

I entered the party ready to leave
When somebody offered me sex on the beach
I turned around and got into shock at first
I got a feelin’ that she must have smelled my thirst

2. “End of Forever” 

The song “End of Forever” was the other song on the international version of “Now or Never,” but it was also on the soundtrack for “The Wild Thornberrys.” It was also on the single CD for “Help Me.” Like “Scandalicious,” it was co-written by Nick and it’s vaery pop/rock, but not as hard. It’s more light-hearted and the lyrics are probably my favorite part of the song. It’s just very catchy and a feel good song, even though the lyrics are about being kind of messed up. 

Runnin’ from all the situations
You mess me up, bring me down
I’m waitin’for the right moment
To lift me up, let you in my life, yeah
Don’t wanna live inside without your love
Cuz no one else can make me feel this way

3. “Don’t Walk Away”

“Don’t Walk Away” is the song that I was talking about at the beginning of the post that was in a box of cereal. It was a Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Awards CD that also featured songs from No Secrets, Aaron Carter, and some other people we probably never heard from again. It’s nothing like the other two songs – it’s a love song and Nick co-wrote it. It’s a love song about trying to make someone, you guessed it, not walk away from him. The lyrics are simple, but the line “You know I need you, because I breathe you, and with every breathe I fall apart” kills me every. sing. time. 

Why’s it hard to, get inside you
Is it too late to make a start
You know I need you
Because I breathe you
And with every breath I fall apart

4. “Forever Rebel”

I love “Forever Rebel” for the simple fact that it’s just a very Nick Carter song. The song was on the Japanese version of “Now or Never” and is one of the most rockish songs that came out of the “Now or Never” sessions. Nick actually co-wrote the song which might be why it sounds very Nick. 

I got no obligation
To fix my situation
Don’t need no one to wake me up
(Lay me down baby)
I want the satisfaction
That comes from your reaction
I wanna feel it in my blood
Oh yeah!

5. “Not Like You”

“Not Like You” is kind of a mystery. We never got our hands on a studio version of the song. Nick performed it on his “Now or Never” tour and we were lucky enough to have him perform at Acafest in Mexico where we got a decent live version of the song. I always wondered if he wrote it because it seems so personal and kind of describes Nick back then. 

I don’t care about the summer breaks
Don’t know much about love
And I don’t care
About the look of my hair
‘Cause I’m not like you
I’ve been flirting too much with the creeps
This is what I’ve been told
I took a walk on the wild side of life
‘Cause I’m not like you

Do you have a favorite non-track song that didn’t make “Now or Never”?

There’s plenty more, such as “Payback” and “Rockstar Baby.”

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