Happy Sweet Sixteen to @NickCarter’s “Now or Never”!

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Can you believe that 16 years ago today, Nick Carter released his very first solo album, “Now or Never”?

Sixteen years later, the album is still one of my favorites and I have so many memories with the music from the album, that time period and just Nick in general during those two years that he toured to support it.

Check out this gallery of scans of “Now or Never”!

Nick Carter in Valdosta, Georgia, on his Now or Never Tour, April 5, 2003. / Photo by Karah

From the first song on the album, “Help Me” to the last, “Who Needs The World?” to even the cuts that didn’t make the album, such as “Don’t Walk Away” and “Scandalicious,” the entire album is epic, not only in the lyrics, but the passion that Nick had with the music.

Out of all the albums he has done, really feel like “Now or Never” is the most Nick Carter album that he has done. Each song on the album, especially the ones he had a hand in writing, represents a piece of Nick. From the boppy “My Confession” (my fave) to the Bryan Adams-sounding “Do I Have To Cry For You,” I feel like there’s a part of Nick in each song.

Okay, maybe not with “Miss America” because it’s been said he hates that song.

Honestly, it’s probably my least favorite on the album, so I can relate.

As I’ve discussed before, I was at Nick’s first solo show the weekend before the release in Tampa and I was at his next to last “Now or Never” show in Orlando and plenty in between. Those times are some of my favorite. Maybe he was trying to get away from his “boy band” reputation, but he was also being his true self – a pop/rocker at heart with a hint of country. That’s who I really think he is. He touched a little of that on “All American” with songs such as the title cut, “19 in 99,” “Get Over Me” and “Horoscope.”

He has come a long way as a solo performer and solo artists and has only gotten better. Sixteen years later, “Now or Never” is still a favorite among “Nick girls.”

Below you will find some photos from his solo tour and videos of the concerts. Yes, in 2002-2003, you could shoot video at concerts, but you just couldn’t get caught 😉

A few photos from just a few of the “Now or Never” shows I attended.
Nick Carter in Valdosta, Ga.


Guavaween – First solo concert


Key West – November 2002

Boston – 2003

Cleveland 2002

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale May 4, 2003

Happy birthday, “Now or Never” and Nick, you know this is still one of my favorite albums.

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