Exclusive Review: @KevinRichardson’s “Vampire Burt’s Serenade”

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If you are like me, you will absolutely die over Kevin’s role as Burt the Vampire, in Ken Roht’s movie ‘Vampire Burt’s Serenade’.

“But Andie, doesn’t Kevin already act in a movie about vampires?”

Yes, you are correct.

Credit: Kristin Richardson


In 2014, Kevin starred in ‘The Bloody Indulgent’ which is Ken Roht’s original feature film. Without divulging too much, I can tell you that this is a hybrid musical with a horror/comedy mash-up with vampires, zombies, strippers, and druggie virgins. Oh and naturally, a glorious vampire named Burt (played by Kevin)! I know that if you’re reading this, you’d be content to hear Kevin cough for an hour and a half but his character is really something to see. In early 2014, I knew nothing of Kevin’s true character since I hadn’t met him yet and I had yet to discover the joys of how he is as a person. I’ve mentioned in other blogs that I thought he was way too serious and always played it safe. His role as Burt completely changed my opinion of that.

Connie (Diva Zappa), Marty (Clay Wilcox) and Nick (Max Faugno) / Credit: Kristin Richardson

Anyway, back to the meat and potatoes of why I’m writing about this film in 2020. From what I’ve been told, there was a lengthy legal battle over the original film. The owners won and they were able to finish it with a new edit, new sound mix, and new visual effects.

I don’t know shit about entertainment law but I do know a thing or two about corporate law and can only assume what a nightmare that was.

Since I’m reviewing the newest version I can only talk about seeing the film with a fresh set of eyes. Kevin’s role is a fun one. He’s completely goofy and an oddball who just happens to be high as a kite the entirety of the film. He embodies the character of Burt like he’s wearing a second skin.

I have a love/hate relationship with his character. Burt is kind of a dick, but a really loveable one! Kevin’s mannerisms can be felt throughout the film and you can tell he enjoyed making this film because it was so different. I’ve also noticed that he struggles to remember his lines sometimes. You can tell when he does, because the lines come out quite forced. Oh well, he’s still doing a bomb ass job.

With respect to the other characters, there’s no one I didn’t like. Everyone does an excellent job and the casting was done really well. There are no ‘famous’ faces per say, but I think that just gives the movie a good indie quality. There’s even a cameo by producer Kenneth Hughes, who plays the Vampire Slayer.

The Vampire Hunter (Kenneth Hughes) and Todd (Brandon Heitkamp) / Credit: Kristin Richardson

I’d like to give him a special shout out as he allowed me to see it before it comes out on May 8, 2020.

Now for the bad. I was told to give an honest review and that’s what I’m here to do. If you’ve read my other work or have seen me on social media, you know I don’t hold back. Please note that I mean zero disrespect to everyone involved and that these are just MY opinions. I also don’t claim to review things professionally. I’m just a fangirl who had some time on her hands.

Since this is a new version, it’s obvious some improvements were made. Colors were improved and sounds are more vivid (like blood-sucking, for example). It also seems like the music is way louder. Nothing has changed in terms of the original score being used, which I appreciate. I have taken quite a liking to the songs in the film since they’re so zany and colorful.

Editing was done to re-arrange some of the scenes. It feels like some scenes were subtracted too. Both of these aspects don’t do anything for the movie. The whole run time is an hour and 16 minutes so it’s definitely not because they tried to make the thing longer.

Special effects were added as well. This is my biggest gripe with the whole movie. My rule of thumb is: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I get that they needed to add more flavor to the film and that they really wanted to personalize it, but unfortunately, they went the wrong way in doing it. They used super tacky effects like flames and reddening of the vampires’ eyes; which is something that you couldn’t see in the original film. I find it takes away from the whole thing. I wanted it to stay an edgy, grungy piece and I think this aspect cheapened the film. Sometimes the best risks are a little more calculated and thought out.

Burt (Richardson) and Dwayne (Dylan Kenin) / Credit: Kristin Richardson

Overall, I think the whole movie is wonderful if you’re into artsy films. I wouldn’t really be able to tell the differences I noted, if I hadn’t seen the first cut. So in that respect, it’s a win. But having said that: did it blow me away with the changes? Not at all. I definitely hope it’s a movie that fangirls will flock to if they haven’t seen it or will re-watch if they’ve seen the first version. Hopefully, I have convinced you to watch a really entertaining, coked-out Kevin, who happens to suck people’s blood. While writing this, I’m now wondering what Kevin’s blood type is. Potential meet and greet question?

‘Vampire Burt’s Serenade’ will be available on May 8, 2020 on Amazon Pay and Amazon Prime.

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