Thoughts: During this Covid-19 crisis, @BackstreetBoys keeps me hanging on

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I have discussed my battle with depression on my websites, Twitter, etc., for many years and I’m sure most of you that have followed me online in that time know all about it. I’ve overcome it, fought it, and now, it’s creeping back. 

Thanks Donald Trump for thinking this whole Coronavirus was a hoax to begin with it. 

That’s all I will say political wise about all of this. 

This was my third full week working from home and I have only been out to go to the grocery store or get medication. I have a small apartment and live with my mother who is disabled and has health problems. I also have underlying health conditions that they warn about. 

So being stuck in an apartment and also being a germaphobe, my depression is coming back. My anxiety is in full force. I’m very lucky that I can work from home and that nothing has really slowed down as of now even though I work at an educational software company. 

I had to go to Walmart yesterday to take a prescription and my nerves were so completely shocked by the end of it that I came home, took a shower, and then finally took a nap only to wake up to the fact that Niall Horan had canceled his tour. 

If you know me, you know I live for concerts. Concerts are my happy place. My concert was April 22, so I knew the show would get postponed, but he canceled the entire tour and I’m gutted. Last night would have been my first time seeing Mandy Moore, who I have loved since her first single “Candy” came out. She postponed her tour dates at least, so I’ll hopefully still get to see her. 

Right now the only thing that’s making me happy are the Backstreet Boys. They calm me. They make me feel better. I’ve been watching a lot of concerts on YouTube or watching some of the DVDs that I have. I’ve been listening to the music while I have CNN on in the background while working every day and I hope and pray this crap is gone by this summer when the tour starts in July or else I legit might freak out. This is all I’m looking forward to right now besides this crap being over. 

People just need to follow the rules. Today while grocery shopping, people were not standing 6 feet apart. At all. How do they think this is going to get better? The thing I’m scared most of is contacting it while going out to get things and bringing it back to my Mom. I suffer from Asthma and use my inhaler at least two or three times a day. This is a respiratory virus so I know if I were to get it, it would be bad. 

So that’s why I listen to the boys to take those thoughts out of my mind. 

This is literally the scariest thing I’ve ever dealt with besides when my Mom was on a ventilator and almost died. But like everything else, the Backstreet Boys is helping me through it. 

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