Guest Post: The best @BackstreetBoys songs to add to your workout playlist

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By Chelsea

So who else is as bored as I am? I am usually at the gym a few days a week, and if it wasn’t for Amazon Prime workout videos, I would’ve completely lost my mind!

I don’t know how many of you Backstreet girls (and guys) out there are fitness junkies like I am, but if you are you know the importance of a good workout playlist. When I first started going to the gym and making my “gym jams” playlists, I didn’t think my boys could be a part of it. I filled my phone with hard rock and punk and every other song that seemed ‘edgy.’

I almost never take out my earbuds when I’m at the gym. From the minute my feet hit the treadmill to the minute I let go of that last dumbbell, my world is surrounded with that so-called ‘edgy’ music. Well one day I did take out one of my earbuds (either my ear itched, someone was trying to talk to me, I don’t remember), and my ear picked up on a familiar song. The gym’s radio was playing “Everybody.” I was like ‘wait, my boys are cool enough to be playing at the gym?!’

From then on I started adding more of their songs to my “gym jams” playlist. If you’re like me and thought you couldn’t add them (or just want to add a few different songs), allow me to give you Gym Jams: BSB Edition  

1. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

This was the first song I added after hearing it on the gym’s radio. It’s still got a rock vibe to it, so it fit in well with the rest of my ‘edgy’ music. And the tempo is perfect for any weightlifting session!

2. Larger Than Life

Another song with a rock vibe! Now this song I’ve used both while I’m on the treadmill doing sprints and while lifting weights (I like to switch up my playlists a little sometimes). And if you’re a person who likes those boot camp type classes, I’ve heard the girls in that class flipping truck tires to this song too!

3. Blow Your Mind

Yes, I know this is Nick’s single and not a full Backstreet song, but I love having it on my workout playlist. I had this song on their even before I put on any other Backstreet songs. I loved using it to power through a weight lifting sesh, but lately I’ve needed it more to keep me in the zone during my ending cardio (which after some good weightlifting is always my least favorite part!)

4. Don’t Go Breakin My Heart

Now this one is one of the favorites of the new era of Backstreet. As far as a gym jam, some people may think it’s a little slow and not ‘edgy’ or hard-hitting enough. But if you’re looking for a little warm-up or cool down, this is the song for you. And it’s also got a great tempo curling some barbells or other weightlifting. And if you’re taking a Zumba class, get your instructors to use it!

5. Let It Be Me

Another new era Backstreet song! I love that they are making more dance songs! Just like Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Let It Be Me is perfect for a Zumba class!

6. That’s What She Said

Again, another single, but the acoustic version is just so relaxing. I never thought about using it until this whole Coronavirus thing. Rather than going to the gym, I’ve been doing Amazon Prime workouts (yoga being one of them), and I’ve been using our new Alexa to play music instead of my usual playlist. During one of my yoga sessions, this song came on and it just seemed to help put me in the right mindset. I’m sure there are other acoustic Backstreet songs that you can use for a BSB yoga session as well, but I tend not to argue with Alexa lol!

7. Get Down (You’re The One for Me)

Ok, one last gym jam! I know I’ve mentioned other BSB songs that should be incorporated into Zumba classes, but this one is a must! Even the moves they do in the video are some of the same moves we do in my Zumba classes! It’s just got a fun groove to it.

So if you haven’t yet, now you know you can have your cake and eat it too (or in this case have your BSB and workout too)! If you were ahead of me and have had BSB gym jams from day one, let me know if I missed your favorites!

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Hi! I’m Chelsea, a 27-year-old New England BSB Fan-girl (go CT…woohoo!). Other than my love of fitness and our boys, I also love museums…to the point of working in one for a living! If you’re looking for a fellow fan who’s also a fellow dork (different than nerd…I hate math and science), then look me up on social media: @chelseabsb93.

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