I have 120 days to feel better…

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I have 120 days until the Backstreet Boys cruise. Well, technical 121, but if you’re in Spain, it’s 120. I have 120 days until I need to feel better. And I’m working on it, but it feels like one thing happens after another. 

My iron levels are so low and I can’t stomach to take over the counter iron pills that my doctor prescribed me some prescription kind that I can apparently take (and have twice now!) so I hope that helps some. I start my insulin pens on Monday when they come into the pharmacy and hopefully that helps. As soon as this one little thing that we all have to deal with is over the worst (TMI, TMI), I’m going to hit the gym hardcore.

Starting this week, my work schedule changes a little. Monday, Thursday and Friday I work from 12 to 8:30 and on Tuesday and Wednesday I work from 2 to 10:30. So my plan is to go to the gym after work on days that I get off early or before on days I go in later. That’s my plan.

But then that will all change too if I get the position I applied for at work. It’s for the Features Editor, which is kind of the job I’ve always wanted at a newspaper. It’s basically what I’ve done before without the title. We’ll see. I applied though. You never know unless you apply.

And my 366 days of BSB has collapsed after one week because I’ve just been working so much. I’m still not over the cold from last week. I might still try to keep it up, but I can’t even keep that up… and that’s the exact reason why I archived Boys on the Block. I’m not going to have a fan site that is half-assed updated. Work comes first…this blog is for just me and my life and my thoughts. Maybe one day BOTB will come back. The twitter and everything else is still updated. I’m still writing for the boys’ site.

There is NOTHING that will ever stop me from being a Backstreet Boys fan.

Unless I don’t start feeling better and die, but that’s a whole other bag of chips.

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