Weekly Roundup for May 20, 2018: So much Backstreet Boys!

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Could this week have been MORE newsworthy than it already was? 

This week started with the teasing of a new Backstreet Boys song, then the release at the same time as a music video, breaking-records with said video, interviewsinterviewsinterviews and ending it with the first live performance of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Since the boys are getting back in action with a good few weeks off, I’m going to start my weekly roundup again, but for this week, it’s in the written form because I just didn’t get to make a video today.


The guys did SO many interviews this week and there were so many good ones. Sure, there’s going to be the random ones that are going to ask them to sing “I Want It That Way” or ones that have to have their names typed out in front of them (I’m talking to you Ryan Seacrest), but there were some really good ones.

First off, this interview with Ellen K was sweet because the boys brought up one special thing that happened with a fan and that fan happens to be one of my good friends, Michelle.

The guys also had a 30 minute interview on the Zach Sang Show and it was literally one of the best interviews I’ve seen in a while with the boys. They didn’t talk about the cliches and the guys were open and real, even with Kevin throwing out the s-bomb. *gasp* The interview is 30 minutes so sit back, relax and get ready to see Nick Carter trying to be a cat.

For some more really good video/audio interviews, check out the media archive over at The Darkside. Rose has been busy archiving everything and will be continuously updating the 2018 folder. Click here to go there and scroll down to 2018. I still need to dig into some of the older stuff!

If you’re not into downloading media files and storing them on an external hard drive (shut up, I do it!), Emilia over at Kaos Online has linked a good bit of interviews from the past few days. Check it out here.


I’m not going to lie. I think “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” could be one of my favorite videos. Why? The dancing. The photography of the video, how it was filmed and the editing. It. IS. SO. GOOD.

And can you believe it’s gotten nearly 8 million views in half a week? I don’t remember one of their videos, that’s been released since YouTube has been around, getting that many hits in such a short amount of time.


One of the highlights of all the interviews is that the guys said that they could have two albums come out this year. TWO? We’ve been waiting five years for one and we might get two?!

Howie mentioned in one interview that they almost made a completely country album. Do you know what my fangirling self would have done? I would have died. Died I tell you. No wait… this is what I would have died from below.


So as you know, I played and won Nick’s BSBHQ trivia game on the cruise. Well I have all kinds of pictures people have sent in to me and I’m so grateful for them!

However, Justin (the boys’ photographer) posted photos on the boys’ official website and got one of the kiss (my prize).

Photo by Justin Segura / BackstreetBoys.com

Now you see why I’m dead. My funeral is in a few days. Attire is BSB merchandise.

That’s all I have for this time because I’m actually falling asleep, so more soon. <3 Gonna try to start the videos back this weekend!




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