2018 @BackstreetBoys Cruise Review: Day Three

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And to think, Mara and I were going to go to bed early on Millennium night. 

The third day of the cruise started off with waking up in Nassau and heading to the pool for a bit while a lot of people were off the boat. And the internet worked better when everybody was off the boat. Shocking, I know. After hanging at the pool for a bit, we headed in and got ready for the day, or at least I did.

I’m a clean freak and shower at least twice a day.

We got dressed and went to eat lunch and then headed back to the room for a bit because we literally had nothing until Howie’s event that afternoon and then our concert that night. Due to our concert, we wouldn’t have a good shot of getting close for Millennium night so we decided to go to bed.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

First off, Howie’s event was fun but I was honestly tired from being in the sun so we went back to the room before getting a text from Teresa that Nick started a selfie line and so we hauled ass back to the food area.

I decided to tell Nick that I was picked for his game show the next day and when I told him, his eyes lit up and gave me a double high five before hugging me. Then we took what is probably one of my favorite pictures of us. I had decided to put back on my dress I wore for my photo and I’m glad I did.

After that, we went outside and watched the sunset before heading back in and getting ready for Millennium night. My outfit? A white Backstreet Boys’ shirt with their names on it and shorts. I also wore little white fuzzballs in pigtails and a halo.

Backstreet Angel. Ha!

Now first, let’s talk about the concert. I thought the 2016 Cruise concert was my favorite concert because it was acoustic, but this literally might top that.

(To see videos from the concert, click here to a previous post)

They came out singing “I Wanna Be With You” which they had did at the deck party, I think the first night of the cruise. I never thought I’d see them sing this live. Seriously. It’s been on my most listened playlist lately for some reason so when they came out, I lost it.

Seriously I fangirled.

The concert was SO good. Brian hit EVERY NOTE and every time he did, Nick practically fangirled and the crowd went CRAZY. And the stories they told during the show – from how they recorded “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” to Howie talking about his pubes (yes, lord, yes).

Besides “I Wanna Be With You,” my favorite song they did was probably “Climbing The Walls.” I hadn’t seen them sing that since 2004, before “Never Gone” came out at a hurricane benefit concert in Orlando.

So after the concert, Mara and I headed out to the deck and just grabbed a quick spot in VIP and chilled, waiting for the boys to come out and when they did, all dressed in white singing “Larger Than Life,” it was amazing.

But then they did “I Want It That Way”

And then “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.”

At this point, we were like, “Are they performing the whole album?”

And they were.

We headed to the very top deck, facing the stage and had the best view of the stage and the crowd and it was absolutely amazing.

Sure, we weren’t down front to have Nick sing to us, but we saw everything. The guys eventually finished singing “Millennium” and ended up going into more Backstreet Boys songs such as “The Call,” “Roll With It,” and then my personal favorite… “Just Want You To Know”

I started to cry. Not because they were singing this, but because AJ went over to the drums like he did in the music video when the group was Sphynkter.

I made it through “Don’t Wanna Lose You Now” and “No One Else Comes Close” without crying, but God help me, i start balling during “Just Want You To Know.”

And they kept going, singing “Beautiful Woman,” “Poster Girl,” “Shape of My Heart,” and almost anything you can think of. Between the concert that night and this deck party, it was like a five or six-hour concert.

Even after Howie started a selfie line and Brian went to bed, Nick and AJ were still going on stage with Kevin serving drinks at the bar.

So what was going to be an early night, ended up being late when I ended up in bed about 5 a.m.

Next: Day Four – The last day of the cruise and I shock Nick with my BSB knowledge


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