2018 @BackstreetBoys Cruise Review: Day Two

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My outfit for the group photo and waiting at the front of the line.

Three words …

That is pretty much the gist of Day Two of the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise. 

I woke up after two hours of sleep to start getting ready for our group photo at 11 a.m. I woke up at 7:30 and washed my hair and blow dryed it and was literally ready before Mara even got up, so I head down to see if the long was long already around 9:30ish and it wasn’t. Just another girl was there, so I decided to sit down and wait with her, that way we could get our photo done and be free until our even with AJ and Kevin that afternoon.

People finally started lining up around 10:30 and the line was long, so I was thankful we were at the front.

And really, the photo couldn’t have been better.

Howie was still a bit… well, Howie and AJ was all, “good morning, dear!” and Kevin. Good lord, marvelous Kevin, who had asked us in line how much sleep we got the night before and when I said two, he said “well you look beautiful this morning!.”

And Nick. Nick giggled, pointed his sword at me and went “garrrrgh witch!” with a pirate’s voice before grabbing me for a hug. We took our photo and I somehow got trapped between Kevin, Nick and Brian while the others did their meeting and Nick turns around, grabs me and body slams me into a hug as if we were wrestlers. LOL!

After the photo, we went ahead to eat lunch and just chilled for a bit. Actually, I think we ended up taking a nap to be honest because the boat was rocking so bad. It was all during this we found out that we weren’t going to Grand Turk and that we would end up in Nassau, which to be honest, I was a little upset about. I was SO looking forward to Grand Turk and couldn’t care less about Nassau. But I understand how the weather is and so, whatever. I was on a boat with the boys and my friends, that’s all that mattered.

Nicky, me and Ashley – my girls!

After the nap, we headed to the auditorium because we had our “AJ Goes Country” and “Sneek Peek With Kevin” and of course, no phones or cameras were allowed.

But as for AJ going country … AMAZING.

Ya’ll know that I am obsessed and know more about country music than I even do about Backstreet Boys and the album is going to be so good. The songs he played were just the right amount of country and the right amount of pop. It’s all very Florida Georgia Line, Chris Lane, Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, if you like that sound.

I couldn’t be prouder of him and I told him as much.

Then came time for the new Backstreet Boys music.

Kevin played us about 10 or 12 songs and probably went over the time he was allowed, but he kept going. I loved about 80% of the songs and when I say love, I mean LOVE.

I think out of all the songs, my favorites were the songs they got from Nashville that had a country twang to them. And when I say that they will do good on country radio, they would do great on country radio. The country industry really embraced BSB when they did the song with FGL and just by hearing these songs, I know they would again.

They even was able to keep Keith Urban from getting one of the songs. KEITH URBAN, ya’ll. Then Andy Grammar wrote one of the songs and they almost recorded Maroon 5’s new single, “Wait.” That alone tells you how good this album is going to be. So while people complain about how long it’s taking them… you can’t rush perfection. THIS ALBUM WILL BE PERFECTION.

So “three words.” Ya’ll want to know what that means, right?

Kevin kept wanting to play us a song that starts out with “three words…” but he kept finding the demo, which had AJ on the first verse, but the real version had Brian (or maybe it was the other way around) and he had all these versions on his phone.

So every time he would hit the song, we’d hear “three words….”

“Three words….”

“Three words…”

And it just became a running joke.

But the music… SO GOOD.

So when we got back to the room, that’s when we had something inside our door and found out that I was going to be playing BSBHQ with Nick on Sunday! Literally screamed ya’ll. It was getting real then, I was gonna be playing a game, FINALLY, on my fourth cruise, and trivia! My favorite!

My outfit for Comic Con night was … boring. Jean shorts and a Superman t-shirt that I kind of cut up a little. I wanted to do more. I wanted to be Jem, but just didn’t have the funds for the outfit. So I bought a $8 t-shirt and that was it.

I know, lame.

But lord have mercy, Nick as Thor. We all know why that’s funny, *snicker*, but I’ve just come into my love of Chris Hemsworth and so this just… put me in overdrive.

Check out this video of him playing the drums!

Me and Mandy

Nick, you could tell, got too hot and left early. He was drenched in sweat when he took his wig off and not too long after told me “I need to go” and they left. We didn’t stick around too much longer after that because I was up so early that morning getting ready for the photo so we hung out inside for a while and I got to hang out with my girl Mandy who kicked ass in her costume. (You can see my stupid T-shirt in this photo).

I probably would have had more fun on Comic Con night if I had the money to do a better outfit because I have so much fun with them, but this cruise, I just didn’t have the budget and honestly, most of what I used, I already had except for some small things.

Next: Pool day, Storytellers concert and the greatest theme party of all theme parties and the night I WAS going to bed early but ended up staying awake until almost 5 a.m. – Millennium night!


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