5 things you don’t want to forget for the @BackstreetBoys cruise

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2016 Backstreet Boys Cruise – Casino Royale Night!

With the rush to get everything packed, get to the airport or drive to Miami, there are a lot of things that can be forgotten at home, or even in your car, once you get on the boat. Trust me, I’ve done it. 

For the 2016 European Cruise, I forgot my flat iron in my overnight bag that I was leaving in Mara’s car while we were in Europe. Therefore, I tried to find a flatiron in Barcelona that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

It didn’t work.

So this time, I’m making sure I have all the important things packed, like my flat iron.

So here are 5 things you do not want to forget to pack for the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise.


As I said above, I forgot my flat iron for the 2016 cruise and trust me, thankfully Laura, one of Barb’s roommates, let me use hers before our group photo. God bless her! So double check that you have your hair styling tools, even your blow dryer. There are not blow dryers in the rooms on the cruise like there are in most hotel rooms. Also, don’t forget any gels, serum, etc. that you need for your hair because of the humidity.


While I’m sure nobody will forget their theme outfits, don’t forget the small details! If you have a cape for your Con outfit, don’t forget it! The smallest accessories make an outfit and you do not want to forget any of that.


In 2014, I didn’t even bother taking a swimsuit and ended up in the water in the Bahamas in a tank top and shorts. So since then, I’ve taken one with me. In 2016, while we had some free time on Sunday morning, I took a morning swim. When the cruise isn’t so jampacked like the ones pre-2016, you have time to enjoy yourself and with us being on a cruise in May, you’ll want to go swimming or at least layout.  Also don’t forget your coverup, flip flops, etc.


If you take daily medication, do not forget that at home! It’s easy to go off and forget something so easy that’s a daily part of your life. Also, if you get seasick, or have motion sickness, grab some Dramamine from a local store before heading to the boat.


Do. Not. Forget. Your. Passport. Or if you do not have a passport, don’t forget your documentation that you’ll need for the cruise such as a birth certificate and license. You will need this information to board flights and the cruise.

The easiest thing to do, and something I am doing this year, is to make a checklist and check off everything once you pack it. That’s the easiest way to make sure you get everything packed that you will need on this once in a lifetime cruise!


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