Guest Post: Solo traveling tips for #BSBCruise2018 and any other @BackstreetBoys event

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By Carrie (@CarrieLGraham85)

Traveling alone can be scary but it can also be a liberating experience. You get to do what you want and no one else can tell you otherwise. If you ever want some extra tips or tricks for traveling by yourself to far off places let me know, because honestly, I love it!

Here are some tips to help you when you’re traveling solo. Whether it’s on the cruise or to Las Vegas, always play it smart when it comes to your personal information and money.

1. Call all your cards and let them know you are traveling.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…. Always hide a little cash on you and a credit card in a different bag in case u lose your wallet

3. Look at your credit card features. How do they handle if you lose it while traveling. If international, we want to find out the charges for every card so you can decide which to use primarily. (Foreign transaction fees are small but add up fast, so it’s good to find a card with no transaction fees and use that primarily, but it’s good to know what they all will charge. Also, figure out if you should process card transactions in local or your currency when asked, many countries will give you an option now. (link)

4. Make copies of all of your important documents bring copy with you and give copies to a trusted friend. (That way if you lose your passport u will have help getting a new one.) Make sure to have paper copies of everything (passport, directions to tours, ect) with you at all times (place in different place on you than the actual documents in-case you lose your purse, ect.) Also give give copies of important documents to someone you know in case of emergency. Like me, I need people to know what to do with my dogs, ect. I also have a electronic copy of everything stored on my Gmail as then I can print it from anywhere. Also, have a backup of contact info as if you break your phone, you can get important numbers.

5. Also, put in your phone all credit card phone numbers (collect and local in case you lose it, not a bad idea to memorize a phone number of someone trusted just in case you can’t access email or phone)

6. Give an itinerary to someone in case so they have a general idea of where you are supposed to be.

7. Always keep any medications accessible at all times

8. Be smart. Don’t let anyone tell you to come with them or anything. This will sound funny, but don’t go down dark alleys…. Try to stay in popular places with lots of people. Try not to publicize where you are going especially if you are heading back to your hotel.

9. If you need directions, ask your hotel workers for help, or someone who is trusted.

10.. Zippers!!!! Zip everything and try to keep your bag in front of you.

11. Go on trusted websites to get tours, etc. Groupon is a good place to find discounts on tours and things to do. (Link) (Link)

12. Make sure you have cell service. Especially if international travel.

13. Make sure your ID will be valid both for travel in and travel out. Passports can’t be within 6 months expiring and some state ID’s don’t work even for domestic travel in U.S. anymore. See the real ID act –

14. Back up batteries are a must.

15. If you even travel a little, you might want to look into a airline card if nothing else you definitely want to sign up for rewards. It’s nice to get the cheapest flight but if you travel moderately, you might want to find an airline and become loyal, the perks are worth it and u will pay yourself back trust me.

16. Again if moderately traveling, TSA precheck and global entry if you are going in and out of country and lot. (link)

17. If your checking a bag ( a good reason for the cc as u often get free check bags) keep one change of clothes just in case in your carry on. Also if delayed overnight, the airlines have little toiletries bags for free. It at least gets you toothpaste ect.

18. Know how you are getting to hotel once you land. If it’s a big city, there will be taxis buses ect if not then you might want to look into Uber or renting.

19. Get a translator app.

20. Take a little cash, but not to much. Cards can be replaced but cash can’t, but if you need foreign currency go to your bank not airport.

21. Google local customs just to make sure you don’t break any laws or offend anyone without knowing it.

22. Remember to breathe and think thru a situation if it feels funny don’t do it. Acting like you know what you are doing even if you don’t is good. Confidence is a good thing

23. Bring a selfie stick or some way to take pictures with yourself in them!


Here is a list of tips from a travel expert that I found on the internet, it has some good tips and tricks!

Carrie has previously been named Soldier of the Month on the Backstreet Boys’ official fan club and has been on one Backstreet Boys cruise (2016 European). Besides traveling solo for the cruise, she has a ton of experience traveling solo to other Backstreet Boys events such as Las Vegas, concerts and conventions. You can follow her at Twitter @CarrieLGraham85.


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