Thoughts: Have I gotten too old to be that kind of fangirl?

by | Nov 12, 2017 | Feelings, Thoughts | 0 comments

Confession time: I had tickets to Niall Horan on Friday and we sold them because I didn’t feel like teenage girls for a good spot near the stage.

Have I become one of those girls… er, women, fangirls, etc. that just show up to the show when it starts? No, I don’t think I have because I still want to be up front. I live to be in that feeling or a rush with a crowd surrounding and you, standing right there in front of [enter musician here]. But girls slept out Thursday night/Friday morning for Niall’s concert and I’m 37 years old now, I can’t compete with that.

Three weeks ago, I got to a concert venue a few hours before the doors opened for the Backstreet Boys concert. Hell, in 2002, I stood in the same spot, without going to the little girls’ room, or getting anything to drink for over 8 hours on a warm October day in Tampa, to have front row for Nick Carter’s first solo concert.

So has that fangirl left me?

Maybe for these other concerts I don’t want to fight for a spot up close. Maybe I need to start getting non-general admission tickets for those concerts?


While I’m getting older and sometimes physically feel the age (someone get me a cane!), I don’t want to lose that part of myself.

Guess in a way I’m getting too old to be that kind of a fangirl, at least for non-Backstreet Boys related events.

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