#AskTheFangirl: Gearing up for the @BackstreetBoys cruise

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It’s time for another #AskTheFangirl and this time we have a few Backstreet Boys cruise questions and a bonus question for me.

I have just got a spot on the cruise next year. What advice would you give a first timer on what to expect and what to take with you. – BSBsKiwigirl

First off, check out this #AskTheFangirl post here that is all about the Backstreet Boys cruise.

Secondly, there’s a few tips that you should know. One, take some comfortable shows. You’re going to be on your feet a lot. And bring comfortable clothes.  Also think about your theme outfits because unless you drive to the boat, you’re going to have to fly with the outfits. Buy battery cameras if you need them before you get on the boat. Drink plenty of water. If you like soda, buy the soda package. If you like alcoholic drinks, buy that package. Don’t attack the guys when you seem them out and about on the boat. The cruise is more than a selfie opportunity. And finally, enjoy yourself. You don’t need to do every single BSB event on the boat. Trust me, the first time I went, I did. Go to the casino, the pool, or just take a nap!

Which is better? Vegas? Or The Cruise? – Stacey

I can’t make that choice for you, because it’s your choice. However, there’s good in both and bad in both. Nothing is perfect. To me, I’m partial to the cruise because I love going to new places and I’ve never been to where the cruise is going this time. Plus, I love the beach. I love being on the ocean. But I loved Vegas, too. It really depends on your personal tastes.

Bonus #AskTheFangirl Question

You should compile the questions for ask the fangirl and do videos with them. id imagine that would be funn! – MandaBear

You know, I actually thought about that, but I’m not sure anybody wants to see me or watch me on YouTube. I don’t have much camera presence. I’m more of a writer, as you can tell. If I do anything on video, it will be for the BSB Video Analysis that I was doing with Ezra May and we hope to complete it.


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