Personal: And they said 2017 would be better …

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Feelings, Personal | 0 comments

This year, 2017, was going to be a better movie they said. Nothing could be as bad as 2016, they said.

Fandom wise, this is a damn great year, especially for my Backstreet Boys.

Personally? Not so damn great.

For the second time this year, my mother is back in the hospital.  She was admitted Saturday, which was the first anniversary of her being put on a ventilator and me going to the ER for my first ever major panic attack.

Since Friday night, her blood sugar kept dropping below 20. She ate everything sugary we could think of, even some damn KFC and nothing worked, so Saturday afternoon, we went to the ER.

They had to give her some special shots just so her sugar would go up and stay up. Now it’s running high, but hell, at least it’s not 20.

And that’s just the top of the problems.

She was retaining a lot of fluid and could barely breathe. But her kidney’s are working better, so what’s causing all of this?

Her foot again, which we found out the infection is back and they are going to take it off, from the knee down. Which needs to be done if it’s what’s causing all of these other health problems, but … I’m just kind of numb over the whole ordeal.

I just want her to be better.

So tomorrow, I’ll spend July 4th between work and the hospital where she’s in ICU, just like she was last July 4th.

And next week is my birthday and she and I were going to go do something, but now… now she may be losing her leg on my birthday. 🙁

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