Thoughts: Step 1 – Gotta find Karah again

by | May 27, 2017 | Feelings, Personal, Thoughts | 2 comments

Do you ever just feel like you’re lost and confused? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. 

I’ve been on this quest to find myself again because sometimes I feel like I’m just a computer that keeps going and there’s nobody around to turn me off. Tomorrow, Sunday, I’m having a true Karah day. Hopefully, I can have it where I’m just completely alone and there’s nobody to bother me. Hopefully everything goes okay with my Mom so that my Karah day isn’t ruined.

I’ve been questioning everything in my life lately. Well, everything but my Mom, my friends,and Backstreet Boys. I’m questioning whether I’m bored with my job or if I’m bored being me.

I know this past year because seriously, June 1st is the one year anniversary that my Mom first went into the hospital, has been horrible. Seriously the worst year of my life and I have so many people to thank that I’ll never be able to thank enough.

I was reading one of my old stories last weekend while posting it here on the site and I miss that person that wrote that stuff. Yeah, I’m outdated on writing fan fiction, but I miss the Karah that used to write at the drop of a hat. Lately, all I can write are blog posts or top ten lists or stuff for, which I absolutely love.

Hopefully, this upcoming trip to Vegas will help me find myself again. I will be away for the first time since the cruise last year. I can get away from everything with my friends and see other friends and the boys and be in my element.

And no warning or threat from ISIS is going to stop me.

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