Ask The Fangirl: @BackstreetBoys cruise themes for the win

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Hey everybody! I’m here with a little edition of #AskTheFangirl. We’ve only got two questions in since the last edition, so let’s get cracking.

Hey Karah! Since youve been on a few cruises, what has been your favorite cruise theme so far?! Oh yah and what kind of themes do you want the BSB to have on the next cruise in ’18? – Traci from Kansas

Hey Traci!

So yeah, I’ve been on three cruises out of five and there have been some pretty cool themes. My favorite is probably still Spynkter night in 2011 because “Just Want You To Know” is my favorite music video. It was just so fun seeing the guys dress up like the band. If I had to pick another favorite, I really enjoyed the themes on the last cruise in 2016. It was so fun to dress up for Casino Royale night. And don’t even get me started on 50 Shades night!

For the next cruise, I would love to see something like a “Make Believe” night where we dress up like fairy tales. And since it will be their 25th anniversary, something like a silver/platinum night. That would be pretty fun. I would still also like to have a fandom night, where we get to dress in all of our BSB gear.

What’s the best place to get in the pit for the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas show? – xxx

Well hello XXX (nice name?).

Since I haven’t been to Vegas yet (and will next month), I can’t say for certain. But as someone who has been to a lot of shows with stages like the one in Vegas, I also tend to get on the catwalk (or shaft) of the stage. I never get towards the main stage because, for instance, Luke Bryan hardly ever stays on the main stage.

But I’ve heard from people that the boys do spend a lot of time on the main stage, so… my best advice is to get where you feel comfortable.

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