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20160303_175453191_iOSI’ve pretty much been working my butt off at work while dealing with health issues yet again. That’s why updates have been very slow here on the site, but hey, I have a great job, I have a life and I’m not sitting online searching tweets 24/7.

Two weeks from today, the majority of my best friends and I will be in Nashville to see Nick Carter twice from the front row at the last two shows of his All American tour and I’m so excited. It’s going to be crazy.

I’m excited to meet people I haven’t met in person before and to see others that I have and haven’t seen since the last cruise or the “In A World Like This” tour.

But I’ve been hearing some not-so-good things about the tour and it’s not from the artist or people that work for them. It’s fans.

Whether it’s talking about someone’s looks in front of them, disrespecting Nick’s wife or going around and stealing merchandise that other people bought or were given from their VIP… what the hell is that about?

We are all grown ups. Act your age. You do NOT steal anything that does not belong to you. My friend had her VIP autographed poster stolen from her at a concert. Others have had t-shirts and CDs stolen from them at the shows. Or talking about someone because they might dress differently than you and do it so that Nick can hear you? That doesn’t make you special in his eyes. It makes you rude, egotistical and he already knows what kind of person you area anyway.

So I hope with knowing that a lot of decent people will be at my shows in Nashville that none of us experience anything like that. The show is seated with tables so no one can try to squirm their way to the crowd to stand in front of you or elbow you or try to grind against you (yes I had a drunk girl do that once at a show – I hate drunk people.)

We are all adults and unless you’re a 15-year-old who squeals after Harry Styles, please act your age. It’s embarrassing to the sane fans who enjoy Nick’s music and him as a artist.

Other than that, it’s almost 58 days until the cruise and I have plans. My goal is to make a mini documentary of the cruise. I’m going back to my video roots and hope to talk to other fans from around the world and edit a long video after I return home and make it perfect. So if you’re interested in being interviewed for it or anything like that, tweet me at @Princess_Karah.

And with that, I’m enjoying my day off. Get outside. Spring has sprung.


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