Confession: Being a professional, and being a @NickCarter fangirl, is hard work

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allamericanSo as everybody knows, I got amazing front row tickets with my friends for Nick Carter’s Nashville show and thankfully, God Bless America, he added a second show. 

Except nobody had a clue when tickets would be going on sale for the special members of the venue where he’s playing. I’m a member, which is how I got tickets last time and this time. The venue is opening up a place in Atlanta and I’m very excited about that.

And trying to figure out when tickets for the members of the venue would go on sale was like trying to rip cake from a fat kid. Calling the venue until finally someone answered and even then we didn’t know. Several of us were constantly refreshing the site every few minutes.

All while trying to do a job because, you know, we all have jobs and responsibilities and don’t sit online 24/7.

There’s this pull, this power, that they (in our case – Nick) has over us. We HAVE to get those tickets as soon as they go on sale. So we do our jobs, amazingly, while trying to be a fangirl at the same time. We sit in meetings, we design pages, talk on the phone, write, etc. all while trying to keep that little fangirl inside of us alive, waiting to buy tickets.

It’s different from back in the day. There’s no waiting in line to get tickets. It’s just sitting at a computer, refreshing a page until finally something comes up to give you hope.

Then before the time that the venue even tells you, it pops up and you and your friends get amazing tickets yet again.

A night of Nick Carter to end his solo tour.

Our petition for an Atlanta concert may not have worked, but we at least get twice the Nick in one night and that in itself is amazing.

It’s hard out here for a working fangirl.


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