Being an adult sucks… a lot

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Feelings, Personal | 0 comments

I was so tired and busy this weekend while I was off that I didn’t even have time to update the blog. Monday and Friday’s are my busiest days at work and after this past Friday with having an earlier deadline thanks to Winter Storm Jonas (not Nick or Joe), I was just beat. 

But it snowed. It wasn’t a lot of snow. Atlanta didn’t have a problem like two years ago, but it was coming down really hard at one point. We kept going outside at work to check and at one point saw a man running down the street in shorts… in the snow. Crazy.

Now I know it wasn’t as much snow as Tennessee got or Philadelphia, but as a girl that girl up basically in Florida, it’s a pretty big deal when it does this.

So Saturday I pretty much stayed home all day long and Sunday my Mom and I ventured into Atlanta and ate at the Varsity and that was my weekend.


Part of the Atlanta skyline.

And it sucks how the week starts all over again. I’m starting to stress about cruise stuff. Sure, it’s paid for and my plane tickets are bought, but just stressing about other stuff like how I’m going to get to the airport or get home. Or how I’m going to pack all my crap in one big suitcase and a smaller one.

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