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Exclusive: Interview with @NickCarter’s #Dead7 zombie extra Staci

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Exclusives, Interviews | 1 comment


You more than likely don’t know her, but if you’re a Backstreet Boys, NSync or O-Town fan, you’ve seen her Instagram photos floating around from shooting on Nick Carter’s movie, “Dead 7.”

Her name is Staci and she’s a college student from Montana who just happened to be one of the first extra’s on the set of the movie that is written and directed by the baby Backstreet Boy.

Check out the Q&A with her below:

staci1. Are you local to the area and how did you get involved?

I live in the area. A girl I go to college with put a post on Facebook saying they needed zombies. I responded to it and got an invite.

2. Are you a Backstreet Boys fan?

I’m not a boy band fan at all. I didn’t know who most of them were. For instance, Nick Carter and his wife were standing next to me for quite a while watching filming. I didn’t realize who they were until the following day. His wife has a unique look so when I saw her on Instagram, it clicked.

3. What’s been the most exciting or greatest experience you’ve had so far on the “Dead 7” set?

For the most part I just sat around. It’s a lot of waiting. Not as exciting as you’re probably imagining. The funniest thing for me was getting made into a zombie. Joey Fatone was sitting in the makeup chair next to me, but I didn’t know who he was at that point.

4. What celebrity has been the most fun to work with so far?

When Chloe [Latanzi] arrived, I heard people whispering that it was Olivia Newton-John’s daughter. Given that and how beautiful she is, I was expecting her to be stuck up. That wasn’t the case at all. She was super sweet. She came over and asked us zombies if we would take a picture with her. Then her and her boyfriend chatted with us for a while. I guess that was kind of exciting for me because I knew who her Mom is and I really like her.

The other person who was really nice was the O-Town guy, the one I have the pictures with who is wearing the double swords. I don’t know his name. [Erik-Michael Estrada] He came over between filming breaks and talked to us, too.

In all, everyone was really nice. I can’t say I witnessed any diva behavior or anything like that. They all seemed really nice.

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