5 reasons why there should be a 2016 @BackstreetBoys cruise DVD

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Back in 2010, fans who were lucky enough to attend the first Backstreet Boys cruise had the whole thing documented – from the parties to karaoke. In 2011, it was said by Eddie (to me and my friend Trish) that there would probably be a download instead of a DVD of the 2011 cruise. There were cameras everywhere, but we never saw any footage.

But, you know, same cruise to the same place? Probably most of the same fans, so why take that time to edit it?

But in 2016, it’s almost like the first cruise all over again. It’s a new place. There are a lot of new fans going. It’s a whole new experience.

Here are five reasons why we should get a DVD or at least a download video documenting the 2016 cruise.

1. A European Vacation

It’s the first Backstreet Boys cruise that is going international. Its no quick trip to the Bahamas. It’s EUROPE. It’s a whole new experience with new places and even a day longer than the typical cruise. I mean, it’s a European vacation. Let’s get Chevy Chase and just be a whole bunch of new Griswalds. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent “European Vacation”.)

2. Like they are there

Many fans are not able to go and it’s fans who have been every single cruise since 2010. Why not document it for all fans. It’s a pretty big deal. No other boy band has gone outside of the U.S. for a cruise.

3. International = Passion

Since it’s international, you never know what’s going to happen. International fans are a lot more passionate than North American fans. And many of them have never done a cruise before like this. Why not document that for them? Oh who am I kidding, every fan is passionate!

4. $$$$

Backstreet Boys fans will buy any type of video/DVD they can get their hands on. We here in North America never get DVDs release anymore. We always have to import them and buy from from Japan or China or some jacked up bootleg copy because we want that for our collection. Hello. You’ll make bank.

5. First time

For many of the North American fans or South American fans or any of the fans really, it could be their first time traveling out of the country. I know for myself and my roommate Mara, that’s the case. Why not document that? Heck, I have a BA in video production. *raises hand* I’ll help!


So please, the powers that be, think about it? Maybe as an DVD extra to a special edition of the next album? A download or DVD to sell on the site? You know you love us!

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