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Cruisin’ with @BackstreetBoys: 2016 Q&A with @BSBCruiseNews

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Cruise | 3 comments


kPek9pbAHello to everyone reading this! We were humbled to be asked write a guest column for the Boys on the Block website about the upcoming Backstreet Boys cruise in Europe.

First off, thanks to all of our Twitter followers and the Backstreet Army who help make each year a smashing success! This will be our 5th Backstreet Boys cruise and besides that we are avid cruisers and travelers in general.

What to write? Well we figured we would start with the top 10 “FAQs” that we often get asked on Twitter or via Direct Message. Let’s get started

Q1: How do you get chosen for the games on the cruise?

A: It’s the luck of the draw folks! Sometimes the names are drawn right at the event and others they are drawn just before and called at event time. Good luck to you all!

Q2: When will we know the theme nights?

A: Generally it is closer to event time. We have no clue but would say don’t hold your breath for any news before year end. In the event we do.. SCORE!

Q3: What deck will the Boys be sleeping on?

A: Come on now, that’s classified info but they are always discovered shortly after departure.

Q4: How do you get VIP wrist bands?

A: This is just as random as the games. There are people walking around with wristbands and they may hand you one. Smile at everyone you see.

Q5: Why do most people choose late dining?

A: This is personal preference depending on when you get hungry. The dining time chooses which group you will be in and you will attend dinner, photos and anything in the show lounge according to your group. Everything else is all together.

Q6: No beach party?

A: That’s right no beach party in Europe. This means on the two days that we dock you are free to roam about the city (until call time to return to the ship that is). Don’t worry, you will see the Boys on the boat when you return for the deck parties!

Q7: How are your seats selected?

A: Your seat location is based on your cabin type and your booking time. For example all the cabins that have guaranteed seating will be in those respective rows according to the booking time. If you do not have a guaranteed row you will could be scattered (space permitting) in the front rows if you were one of the first to book. You will fill in the theater in order of your reservation number. This cannot and will not be changed. Your row and seat will be printed on your wristband which you receive at check in and must wear the entire cruise.

Q8: What is Exclusive Backstreet Boys party?

A: We don’t know but are excited to find out.

Q9: When can we get on the waitlist for cabin upgrades?

A: Once the ship is sold out the wait list for upgrades will open up. We will tweet it out once we know as well.

Q10: Are you the Backstreet Boys?

A: No. No we are not. We are your friend Backstreet Boys Cruise missionaries helping to spread the news and excitement of cruising with the greatest group of guys in the world.

Whew. Well that was fun!

Last piece of advice.

We see a lot of you planning your photo groups which is awesome, however, most of the time the group you are organizing now is not the group you end up taking your photo with. Unless you know your group already ease some stress. You will make new friends on the cruise that will be your new photo crew. We are not saying not organize it just trying to give you a breather if your stressing about finding the perfect portrait pals. There will be plenty of new friends needing to find groups on the boat.

That’s all for now.

Happy cruise dreaming!


BSB Cruise News Team


The BSB Cruise News Team will be writing a series of columns and articles for Boys on the Block leading up to the 2016 Backstreet Boys cruise. Be sure to follow them on Twitter. If you haven’t booked the cruise, what are you waiting for? Head over to and book today! It’s almost sold out.