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There’s so much that I can really say about Tuesday’s concert that was in Atlanta. You all saw it. It was on Yahoo! Live and is now forever burned into our memory and into our favorites on YouTube.

I will just go by random quotes, random thoughts, random happenings and just… randomness.

— It rained all morning long. I woke up at 7 a.m. to tornado sirens. It was a mess.

— When Nick was telling our VIP that we could ask questions and could ask whatever we liked, he kept looking to his left at me (my friends and I were first in line) and I finally asked him, “Why do you keep looking at me?” His response? “Because I know you.” Oops.

— When Nick first walked into VIP, he started talking about how he had a deep voice, so I looked at Julia and went all Kevin, going “Hey baby” in a deep voice. Nick promptly turns to look at us and goes, “I can talk deeper than Kevin and I don’t have to be sick. You can tell him I said that.” Me: I will next week. Nick’s eyes went wide.

— At the Q&A, after making him wait, I finally asked if he had his ABC outfit for the cruise (and he told us), and then asked what the “Love Somebody” dance is that he does because I love it. He called it the chicken dance.

— I let Julia and Amy go first for their pics and then I got mine. I had made a photo of all of our pics together for him to sign so I could put up at work and he asked which was the first photo and I showed him and he was like, “Wow.” We took a huggy pic. Which I love. A lot. And a selfie.


20141014_220925397_iOSa— We ended up front row, towards the left like we had planned, except some really short chick eased her way into the $600 section and kept telling Amy we needed to all be in harmony after putting her hand in her face.

— The cameras were directly in our faces, which is why you saw us a lot that night.

— A little backstory, I’ve been paranoid that Nick hated me or something. Why? I don’t know. He kept RTing my #IHeartNickCarter stuff and he was all excited about the crown in Nashville, but he’d been giving Julia all the attention since Cincinnati. Well, maybe he had it in his plans all along, I don’t know, but he came right out with “Nobody Better” (with Jordan obviously) and I started getting attention right away. Then came “Paper” and him jumping down and basically having eye sex with her for the world to see. But I kept getting sung to and pointed at. Like the first time was during his rap in “Nobody Better” where he’s rapping about getting dressed up. I’m weird.

— “Pony.” I don’t like Geniune’s version of the song. But Nick could totally rerecord that song and I would be okay with it. This concert was totally different than Nashville. It’s like a total separate show almost because they have gotten into a rhythm with the set list and the songs and dances.

— “Drive My Car” is still one of my favorite songs… ever.

— Jordan singing “Give It To You” is always a favorite of mine because that’s my jam. But when he jumped off stage, got in my face and was all sexual running his finger over my lips, well I just didn’t know what the hell to do. I don’t think of Jordan that way. He’s Jordan, you know? The guy, who when I was a kid, I thought was a vampire when he smiled. But I felt special. Jordan gave it to me. Or tried. And that was the greatest moment ever… until…


— Then Nick came out singing “I Need You Tonight” before going into “I Got You.” Besides “My Confession,” I got you is my favorite song that Nick’s done solo wise. The video was beautiful. I remember the first time I heard the song. I remember the first time I saw him sing it live at Guavaween almost 12 years ago this week. It was his first solo concert as a solo artist. And then he jumped down into the audience, right in front of Julia while singing the bridge. And he looked over, grabbed my hand and started singing to me and I sung right back at him. I didn’t care about the video camera being on me. I didn’t care about any of that. All I cared about was that Nick and I were singing this song together. And in the video, I’m holding up my phone like I’m recording it. I wasn’t recording. I thought I had hit record. Yes, I’m a dumbass that wish she had that. The video below is Julia’s version. You can see her trying to video me

— During “Larger Than Life,” at the part where they sing “All of your time spent, keeps us alliiiiiiiiive,” Nick pointed at me. That made me feel good because I do put a lot of work into promoting the guys, whether it’s with BOTB here, My Confession, stuff at work, calling radio stations, whatever it is, I do put a lot of time in it and so that made me feel good. That made me realize he notices that.

— After the concert, Julia and I had a quickie with Nick and Jordan and since I was serenaded by both of them, I got in the middle between them and Julia got on Nick’s other side. I told Jordan he was bad and he looks it in our picture.

— The next morning, Nick added me to Carter’s Cartel. His teasing finally ended.

To be honest, it seemed like everything came full circle Tuesday night. From me first writing about Nick and Jordan back in January, to being invited to the Google chat and Huffington Post interview back in April and Nick calling me a hacker, and now to see the first show in Nashville and then the Atlanta one. It just seemed like it was all meant to be. That sounds a bit crazy, I know.

I will eventually get some photos up here. Bare with me, between that concert, coming back to reality, work, and then getting ready for the cruise which I leave for on Thursday, I’ve been a little busy.

But Atlanta was the best. Concert. Ever.

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