This day in (my) Backstreet Boy History: London Sony BMG Fan Event October 16th 2007

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Exclusives, Videos

Unbreakable was a few weeks away from release, and Sony BMG were holding an album release party for competition winners and invitation only. I was lucky to attend with a friend who had won not only a ticket to the event, but a hotel for two nights.

The event was to show case several songs from the upcoming album, and for them to perform a few, plus some old hits, and do a Q & A. I remember them singing “I Want It That Way”, and “Inconsolable”, which at the time was the new single. I couldn’t tell you what else they sang, or what songs they played as it was so long ago now. I’m sure I have the set list somewhere, but where… I don’t know. I have way too much BSB stuff, lol! But what I can tell you was it was a great night! The boys were on top form, and very nervous being that they hadn’t really done much as a four piece as this was the first release without Kevin.

I remember when the event started we were told that everyone attending had their names placed in a hat, and when the Q & A Session started, they would pull a name out and you’d go up on stage to ask questions. It was funny, hearing them try to pronounce peoples names, saying some of them in a (awful) British accent.

There was free alcohol, which I’m sure alot of people took advantage off. I had an alcopop, and I was pretty damn glad I had when it was Nick’s turn to call a name out, and it was mine! I was so shocked that it took my friend to literally push me up there. Guess it helped we were at the front.

Never had I been so nervous in my life. I was called up on stage, and well… stumped what to ask, so I just asked what came to mind.

Never did I think it would turn into some kind of mini interview type session.

Watch here (excuse my awkwardness)

I can’t recall much else of what happened after that, but here are some videos I took. I remember feeling so excited for this album as well.


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