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Afternoon Delight: Nick Carter announces tentative release date for Backstreet Boys movie

by | Oct 5, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Exclusives | 0 comments

According to our close and good friend Jhie who attended Nick Carter’s “Afternoon Delight” in Toronto Sunday, Nick announced that there was a tentative date for the Backstreet Boys documentary/movie that is due out next year – January 31, 2015.

Besides discussing the movie, Nick talked about his jelly roll stomach being gone now, why he named his dog Nacho (so he could smile while saying his name because he’s such a happy dog) and discussed his dogs’ bowel movements (they poop alot).

During the lunch, Nick performed “Help Me,” “Quit Playing Games,” “Incomplete,” and “Falling Down,” even though he was only supposed to sing two songs. He also took selfies with fans, and posed for pictures.

Stay tuned for more from Jhie about her day and some video from the event!

Follow Jhie on Twitter at @Jhie0730.